Simon James and Angela Smets Displayed Their New Art at the Wiede-Fabrik

Today was Sunday and the last day of the Wiede Fabriks winter show. Having spent Friday and Saturday working and playing with the Munich Creative Group and their Artist Within Exhibition and Mashup, I was ready to venture out into the wilderness of the suburbs and see the artwork of Simon James and Angela Smets.

Knowing that Simon’s new artwork sells quickly, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see the new pieces before they left his studio for good.

Simon James told me today that he has some very interesting new colours to use. He went from using 5 or six with pigments added to a selection of more than 70. The new pieces created for the Feb 2013 show have a new intensity from the increased colour palette and I’m looking forward to seeing what he creates for the next exhibition in March.

Both Simon and Angela will be exhibiting in the Global H20 art exhibition (March 21, 2013) They have also agreed to make smaller art pieces to be used to help raise funds for the Global H20 artists’ well (An actual water well in Africa).

More information on the well and the art pieces will be available soon.

Wandering around the Wiede-Fabrik, I found another artist whose work I found interesting and rather well priced. Ellie Hurst is an artist, graphic designer in Munich and I liked how she used the photographs with want ads in this series….

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