Munich Artists Ebay Project

You would think I was a scientist with the way I tinker and experiment but no, I’m an artist and just sick of how artists get manipulated in the distribution channel.   Because Martin Potsch is doing ok using ebay to sell small paintings, I thought we should try this with more than just one artist.  Starting in two weeks, we will start auctioning off Munich Artists on ebay.  As soon as we get a space, we will showcase the art on auction.   We are going to have a few artists doing the classic Sunday to Sunday auction and the rest will go from Friday to Friday so we can celebrate the switch on Friday evenings.    Keep your fingers crossed we find a space!

The artists we are selecting for this experiment are using different mediums but all of them are producing art and working to build their careers as artists – Just the kind of people I like to work with and promote.

Reminder: BCA Munich artists are selling art at a bazaar on Friday.

Update:  We tried selling on Ebay and I found it too time consuming for the returns.  This really works if you are selling your own artwork priced between 10 and 100 Euro.   I met another artist from the US who was also selling his daily art pieces in this price range.