Vagina Boats and other Art News

Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko

  • Would you like a Vagina Boat?  Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko created a vagina boat and then emailed a copy of the 3d scan of her vagina to her supporters (the people who paid for the boat to be created). She was arrested for sending the images.   Don’t blowup doll companies make 3d scans of vaginas? Next time she needs to label it educational. Everything seems to slide when labeled educational.   Maybe a Vagina boat will be the new status symbol for women.  I also could see her vagina being modified into a sidecar for a motorcycle.  As far as I know, there are no Vagina artists in Munich but I do know a 3d scanner company and a 3d printer company who may help you if you are tempted to try this idea of crowdsourcing 3d scans of your private parts.
  • I love this quote:

“Turns out the nude models were from Simplicity dress patterns and clippings of bathing beauties from Look magazine or newspapers. He just mentally took the clothes off them,”  and “Although an electrician by trade, he was an artist for life.” (source)

Christies breaking records

Here are some facts from the article:

  •  24 percent of all Christie buyers in the first half were new to the house.
  •  They have a 70 percent increase in online activity.
  •  Their new clients represent15 percent of the sales total for the first half of 2014

Is this why Sothebys is partnering with Ebay?   Watch out little art E-commerce startups, the giants are going to squash you.  There is one online auction art site Auctionata based in Berlin.  I’m curious who this will affect their business model.