Moscow Art Fair Cancelled and Other News From Far Away

Art Moscow
Artist: Gerhard Richter at the Art Institute Chicago
Poor Bunny taken down by a chainsaw
  • Watch your Chainsaw around Giant Bunnies.  The colossal bunny named “Moon Rabbit,” was put on display in Taiwan at the Taoyuan Land Art Festival by the Dutch artist and builder Florentijn Hofman. While taken the piece apart, a spark ignited and all that was left was a few limbs.
  • Singaporeans are collecting contemporary SEA oil paintings. Remember this fact if you are wanting to take your art to Asia. Also remember that Singapore is humid and hot all year round which can be a nightmare for conservation of delicate watercolours and other less sturdy art pieces when the AC fails.
  • Regeneration – an interesting PDF that talks about how to build a stronger art community.  Please read it and share what you think Munich needs to add to the art scene.

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