Art News From Everywhere But Munich – Can Your Art Last Half a Million Years?

First piece of art was Graffiti

How did a piece of art last half a million years without being in a museum? The artwork was on a shell that is how.  So artists Go!  Run out and buy some shells or add shells to your artwork. That way you know your work will last more than a hundred years even if your name may fade into oblivion.  According to the article, the first “artists” etched zigzags onto shells. How do we know this wasn’t done by a monkey?  This image also makes me think. Maybe this shell originally was painted like the Greek Statues and over the centuries the paint flaked off.  Maybe this art piece was covered with jewels or, maybe, those zig zags were created by a child waiting for its mother to finish cooking oyster soup.

Would you recognize this missing masterpiece? I’m guessing the art historian’s child really liked watching this film about a little mouse.

Thank you set designers for having good taste and sharing it on the big Screen.  One US set designer found a missing Hungarian masterpiece which was “discovered” by an art historian while watching the movie Stuart Little.  In the Article,  it states that the missing art piece was purchased for 500 USD at a local antique store by a set designer. Now it is in the hands of a collector who returned the art piece to Europe where it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. With this nice story attached, I’m thinking the art piece will be sold for much more than 500 USD.

Art Basel Miami

What are you still doing here? You should be on a plane for Art Basel in Miami. Here are some parties you may want to attend or crash if you are down in the southern US where it is hot and muggy and filled with people looking for your artwork (which is stored in Munich, Germany).

I will be hanging out in Munich with Michaela Wuehr and Martin Potsch on Friday showing images of recycle bins.  I’m sure they would sell well in Miami but the cost of the flight and hotel would be more than the art pieces combined.  Better to stay in Munich and bring Art Basel here don’t you think?