2015 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 1 – Draw your soul.

day 1 soul drawing by Emmy Horstkamp

Day 2 – Draw your idea of a Schweinehund.

Day 2 Schweinehund
Maximilian Luekenhaus

 Day 3 – Draw food from your childhood.

angela josupeit-munich-artists day 3 

Day 4 – Draw a still life in your kitchen.

sonia boening munich artists day 4

Day 5 – Draw a couple.

Munich Artists Day 5 challenge Angela Josupeit

 Day 6 – Draw a hat – real or imaginary.

Munich Artists Maximilian Lueckenhaus

Day 7 – Draw your favourite word.

Munich Artists Sam Malviya
Munich Artists Sam Malviya

Day 8- Draw feet.

Munich Artists Gabriela Popp

Day 9 – Draw Lyrics to a song.

 Day 10 – Draw candy.

Emmy Horstkamp Jaw Breaker
Munich artist – Emmy Horstkamp – Jaw Breaker

Day 11 – Draw a place you want to visit.

Angela Josupeit - someplace you want to visit
Munich Artist Angela Josupeit – Someplace you want to visit

Day 12 – Draw death


Day 13 – Draw something you finished (a job, a meal, a sentence.)

13_Something Finished

Day 14- Draw a comic book strip

Michael Pitschke Day 14
Michael Pitschke Day 14

Day 15- Draw a new fairytale heroine/hero

15_Fairytale Heroine

Day 16- Draw a family portrait made up of strangers, objects or symbols


Day 17- Draw what inspires you (person, place or thing)

Day 18- Draw a flower or plant


Day 19- Draw a doodle

Michael Pitschke Day 19
Michael Pitschke Day 19

Day 20- Draw something you have never drawn.

Gabriela Popp Day 20
Gabriela Popp Day 20

Day 21- Draw something red without using red.

21_Draw sth red without using red

Day 22- Draw something you want

Day 23 – Draw something you miss

Day 24-  Draw something you need

Day 25- Draw a bench

Day 26 – Draw a mountain (real, imaginary, clothing, paperwork)

Day 27- Draw something smelly

Day 28- Draw something with your opposite hand

Day 29- Draw the first thing you see after reading this post

Day 30- Draw something in the subway.

Day 31 – Celebrate finishing 30 days of drawing!  

Artists Who Finished the Competition:

Michael Pitschke (ALL)

Gabriela Popp (ALL)

Angela Josupeit (ALL)

Bobbie Dunn (ALL)

Rainer Schmitten  (ALL)

Andreas Hirsch (Half)

Bernhard Rusch (Half)

Brigitte Hoppstock (ALL)