Art From Everywhere Else and a Kitchen Sink

  • Art galleries are not putting out their best works. What secret password do you need to see the good stuff?  Are all the good works hidden behind door number three. Maybe if you hire an art advisor the gallery will throw in the kitchen sink.  Supposedly, the right art adviser can help you spend thousands of Dollars/Euro on artwork and educate you about your own art taste and what artwork deserves your attention.  I decided that art adviser is now on my list of advisory skills.  The first thing I will tell art collectors with more than 30K Euro is that they need to  pay attention to Munich Artists preferably the female outsider artists in Munich, Germany.  Second, I would tell art collectors to invest in a storage unit to house their artwork. Don’t keep artwork by the pool, a heater, in the basement or in the attic.  Buying art is only part of the equation.  Once you own it you need to take care of it.
  • Do you have art in your house that no longer matches your couch.  What should you do?  Maybe try a website that sells used art?  Currently there is a site called ArtReHome which wants to sell your used artwork.  Although I like this idea, buyers will want to see the artwork and check out the condition of the pieces, an online website fails to deal with these issues. I also want to know what pain point is addressed for the buyer who is spending the money? Will this website be like a used car salesman trying to convince you to buy a used Edsel instead of a new BMW Mini. I would take the new BMW Mini, drive it to an artist’s studio and pick up a new piece of artwork from a regional artist before going to a used art website to buy art from artists with no big following that I don’t personally know.  I can see a use for such a site but not from someone wanting to get a premium for their art pieces.
  • Attn: There is no art under my kitchen sink.  I was raised in the United States and if you didn’t follow the Kitchen sink link, you might think that I’m an eccentric artist creating an art installation under the kitchen sink. Well, that is not happening.  Yes, my house if filled with art but the art has not overtaken my kitchen nor do I like to create in dark places. No, I will see the light of day!
  • This week I heard from Artsy.  The website contacted me about ArtSeeTalk and asked me to add a link for Annie Leibovitz.  The first time they contacted me, I thought it was spam and I ignored the request but today I received another email so I decided to write about them where they belong. Here, in news from everyplace else. Do you know Annie Leibovitz’s work?  Here is one image from
Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz Photograph



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