Day 28 Munich Artists Lent Challenge. What is on the back?

Artist Demotivational – Who says collectors want your signature splashed on the front of an art piece.  Are you just stroking your ego? Go ahead and print your name on the back so they can google you. If you just scribble, they will never bother to figure out your name.

Entrepreneurial Motivation – Have you heard of backend?  It’s the unsexy part of all businesses but an essential area with plenty of boring and annoying pain points. What is a pain point for an artist’s studio? Today the pain point was finding a cleaning lady to clean the studio 1.5 hours every other week.   Are there small companies that need a cleaning lady for only a few hours just to clean the toilets and after parties/meetings/conferences?


Artists, what is on the back?

Today, when I left the Haus der Kunst and walked up to the back of this sign, I wondered what was on the back of the Louise Bourgeois framed art pieces at the Haus der Kunst.  Did she write her name and information about the art pieces or is there also something special, something not shared with the public.

Today, add some personal information to the back of an art piece.  Unlike the front of the art piece, the back is only for the privileged few who are allowed to touch the art piece. If your piece has no front or back, write it on the sides or hide it within the piece and let the buyer in on the secret.

Once your piece is installed or framed, only the owner has the power to share this information which is an idea that I really like. If you also like this idea, use a pencil or other medium that will not damage the front of the art piece and add something special to the back.

Feel free to share with us on Facebook the back of one of your art pieces or something secret you added to a piece. (I know, if you share it, it won’t be a secret…)