Nina Schmid and Ray Moore at ArtMUC

Susanne Krauss  took this awesome photograph of Nina Schmid and Ray Moore over the weekend.


Here is a piece of Ray Moore‘s artwork:

Ray Moore artwork at ARTMUC


Nina Schmid’s artwork looks like this (she has three different styles & but I don’t have an example of her erotic art so I can only show you two of the three):

Nina schmid architecture painting




munich artists nina schmid snail on gold globe


Nina will be showing her artwork at the Friday Gallery from June 19 – July 8, 2015.  If you have any questions about the exhibition, you can email me at


I know both Ray and Nina so if you love their work, I will help you tap into their art inventory.  Both artists speak English and are productive!

What I’ve noticed is that productive artists have an inventory and their newest and most favourite pieces will be tucked away in their studios, on their bedroom walls or in a big closet because Germans love to hide their valuables in a closet. I learned this cultural tidbit a few weeks ago. I think American tuck their valuables in their bras/underwear or maybe in their work boots.  As an American in Munich, I’m asked quite often about American habits but my multicultural upbringing has been baffled by all cultures (I never know which culture the habit comes from.)

One universal habit for all artists is that their newest works will not be released to the public until the umbilical cord has been cut so the best thing to do is go to the studio and see all the artwork and then put a reserve on the piece you want… eventually the artist will let it go.