Munich Artists 30 Day Drawing Challenge 2015

Drawing skills are important for all artists.   Whether you illustrate like Dora or create large abstracts, keeping a sketchbook can lead to some interesting and inspirational ideas.

This year, we are doing our 2nd 30 day drawing challenge.  If you decide you need to do all 30 drawings in one day go for it, work in the way that makes you happy but don’t post any images before their scheduled day. That is the only rule.  If you scan your work into the computer and animate it or do something cool like collaging your work with photos, I will be happy to share what you’ve created.  If you do spontaneous five minute sketches, I will also happily share your work.  All work shared must be the work of the artist (or their children) and you must give me permission to use the photograph on the website or I will not post it.

In July we will celebrate the end of this challenge and images from the challenge will be exhibited at a the Chilli gallery in Munich, Germany.

All posting of images are done on our closed Munich Artists Facebook group and on Instagram. Please use the hashtags #munichartists and #30daychallenge on Facebook and Instagram and I will find you.

  1. Draw your soul
  2. Draw your idea of a Schweinehund
  3. Draw food from your childhood
  4. Draw a still life in your kitchen
  5. Draw a couple
  6. Draw a hat – real or imaginary
  7. Draw your favourite word
  8. Draw feet
  9. Draw Lyrics to a song
  10. Draw candy
  11. Draw a place you want to visit
  12. Draw death
  13. Draw something you finished (a job, a meal, a sentence)
  14. Draw a comic book strip
  15. Draw a new fairytale heroine/hero
  16. Draw a family portrait made up of strangers, objects or symbols
  17. Draw what inspires you (person, place or thing)
  18. Draw a flower or plant
  19. Draw a doodle, automatic drawing
  20. Draw something you have never drawn or someplace you’ve never drawn
  21. Draw something red without using red
  22. Draw something you want
  23. Draw something you miss
  24. Draw something you need
  25. Draw a bench
  26. Draw a mountain (real, imaginary, clothing, paperwork)
  27. Draw something smelly
  28. Draw something with your opposite hand
  29. Draw the first thing you see after reading this post
  30. Draw something in the subway.

Celebrate finishing 30 days of drawing!