Day 1 Munich Artists Drawing Challenge

Welcome to the Munich Artists 30 day drawing challenge.  Today we would like you to draw your soul.  In the last challenge, artists were asked to draw their portrait but I thought it would be better this year to go a little deeper. If you don’t have a soul or believe in souls, you can draw that too.  The list of Drawing Challenges can be found on our current challenge page.   If you are doing more than one a day, please only share Day 1 with us.  You can post your image on instagram and tag it with #munichartists and #30daychallenge so that I can find the work… try using #heyemmy too just to make sure. Chilli, a gallery in Munich, offered to create an exhibition of the challenge artwork and throw a vernissage/celebration party.  The exhibition will start in July after the challenge is completed. We will be selecting pieces which are shared on Instagram, through our closed FB group or which you share on our daily posts on FB.  How do you share on our Facebook page?  It is easy.  Click on comment to respond to a post and you will see a little camera button.  Use it to add your photo.  You cannot create a new post on our Facebook page but you can comment. If you enjoy the challenge, please share it with your creative friends.

Here is a video artist who painted her soul.

I would love to have a big group of creatives working on the challenge this year because I love seeing what you create. If you have any questions, you can message the Facebook page or email me at