Off Festival – Lets Create an Organic Installation


There will be an opportunity to create an installation at Säulenhalle, München next week after the Sendling Festival.

I think this will be a fun opportunity to create something together in a 6 to 12 sqm space (maybe larger?). The installation will not be on a wall but will be between columns. There will be no wall space to use and we will not be showing already made artwork. (The walls are already filled with photographers and video artists so I want to stay away from having to use a wall.)

This is not a paid event. The organiser is doing this just to get artists together which is something Munich Artists always supports.

Think about this as a place to meet other artists and create something prepping for next year’s installations at the Friday Gallery which will be installations that exist only for a specific timeframe and that are created and destroyed/dismantled over a month.

I would love if we started this installation and photograph its creation and destruction/dismantling during the event. I don’t want it to stay put but to morph over the weekend and then for everyone to take pieces away with them including the green chairs. I would love for that to be videographed so we can put it on the website.


I will be going to the space on Sunday to talk with Christian Oettinger, meet more of the artists. If you want to go with me, just email me

For the installation, I will be supplying raw canvas, coffee cans & green chairs which were donated to me. Artists are encourage to bring supplies they feel would add to the installation.

I still haven’t given a name for the installation, I was thinking to call it “finding my place. This is absolutely open for suggestions.

Look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in just showing up and enjoying the artwork, here is the FB event page for this event:

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