Events starting today – PlanYour  Weekend Accordingly 

Birgit Abt – Abstract Art Installation and Exibition @ Steinstrasse 59.   Here is a link to Birgit’s website. 


The Weider Fabrik.  Angela Smets and Simon James have their Studios open for you to see their new works and buy some great pieces for your collections.


Artists at Wieder Fabrik
Artists Working at the Wieder Fabrik – Photo shared by Simon James

Elke Reis I Liz Walinski I Verena Friedrich Will be having an exhibition until July 12th.  Their party is tonight. Here are the details:

“zwischen Himmel und Erde” – Malerei und Objekte
 Ausstellung geöffnet von 3.7. – 12.7. , Sa, So. 12-20h
 Vernissage am 2.Juli’15 von 18-21h
 @künstlerprojektLOT62, Schleißheimer Str.62, München
 Die Vernissage findet im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen Abendöffnung der Galerien in der Maxvorstadt statt. Außerdem ist die Ausstellung im Rahmen der Offenen Ateliers ‘Kunst im Karrée Schwabing”  am Wochenende vom 11./12.Juli’15 von 12-20h geöffnet.  das KünstlerprojektLOT62

Ray Moore has an exhibition starting this evening.  If you are not out at the Wieder Fabrik or in Schwabing, this is an option for you.  Munique Art, Schleissheimer Strasse 26, 80333 Munich, Germany




Long Night of Architectural Offices is tomorrow.  Here is a link to more details.  The offices will be open from 1800 to 2200.



Anton Kammerl is hosting a photo exhibition for Fotografin und Grafikdesignerin Rosi Offenbach at Cafe Kosmos, Dachauerstr. 7, 80335 Munich, Germany.  July 4, 2015 starting at 1900.


Ahhhh and this is how I will be sharing exhibition information.  Eventually it will be moved someplace else but for now, I need to try and share as much information as possible. 

 This is:


Please be patient with me. If your event did not get posted and I know you, I’m sorry. If your event did not get posted and I don’t know you, maybe you should think about this… I’m located at Frauentrasse 18 @BCAMunich, The Friday Gallery.  Please come by and say hello.



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