Friday Gallery Version 3.0 Application, Rules, Details


We tried showing artwork online every Friday and leaving it open to all artists to send in their work.  What we found was that the same artists sent in their artwork which was nice but it didn’t represent the artwork of Munich. Although we liked their artwork, we didn’t want to showcase only a few artists or have the same type of artwork every Friday.

We tried offline exhibitions for artists at the Friday Gallery at Frauenstrasse 18 but what we found that for whatever reason it doesn’t work.

Now, we decided for the next 12 months to offer 52 artists the opportunity to show their artwork on Munich Artists in an Online Gallery on Fridays for one week.

The Details:

  • Starts August 28, 2015
  • Online Friday Gallery Application.  Mail it to
  • Once accepted, all files must be provided in a dropbox folder to Do not send files until your week has been delegated/accepted.
  • All files must be labeled like this :  name of artist – name of artpiece – year of art piece – munichartists.jpg  so like this  emmyhorstkamp-planbdorothy-2015-munichartists.jpg
  • The dropbox must contain 20-30 images I will count.
  • The dropbox must also contain an Artists statement (in English), CV, list of the artworks and their prices, full contact details.  This reduces how much data entry I must do.
  • You must give me permission to use the images for use in a Friday Gallery Book and on the Munich Artists website and social media channels. We will make a book for the Friday Gallery at the end of the 52 weeks.   All images must be  3,008 x 2,000 300 DPI.   I will reduce the images you give me for online display but you are also welcome to provide me with a file of images sized for the internet.

The Rules:

  • You get one week.
  • All artwork that is shown must be currently available for sale.
  • All artwork must be created between 2014 – present.
  • There must be a theme to the artwork.  A purpose.  A raison d’etre.    Just like the artwork that is shown in a gallery space, the artwork shown in the Friday Gallery must make sense. Maybe not to me but there better be an artist’s statement and some kind of focus even if it is just focusing on the lint in your bellybutton.
  • 15 art pieces. You must send 20 -30 pieces and we will pick 15 from the 20.
  • For a Fee, we will share this gallery online through our social media feeds with ads.  This costs money so the artists will have to pay for this if they want to use it. We share photos from our website on social media but photographs that I’ve taken.  If we use your photos, you must give us permission to use them.  Fees can be discussed and must be paid upfront for FB ads/Good Adsense.
  • While the artwork is on our site, it cannot be in an offline exhibition. You are welcome to exhibit it before or afterwards.  For the week that we are showcasing your work, it can’t be for sale anywhere else because this annoys my business partner who is not an artist and does not care if you need to pay your bills – He wants to pay bills. Once your gallery is down, you can have an ad on for your exhibition. If you have an ad, we will provide the link to your gallery page for them to see your work.
  • There are more than 500 artists in our Munich Artists group and we can only have 52 Friday Galleries.   Priority will be given to the artists who were supposed to have exhibitions at the physical Friday Gallery. I cancelled their exhibitions and because I was heartless and selfishly took the space for my studio.  These artists will be allowed to pick which week they want to show.  The remaining weeks will be available but artists must provide three different weeks just in case there is a scheduling conflict.
  • If you work closely with another artist, we can show your artwork together.  Studios are welcome to showcase their work together, best friends, husband and wife teams… the more the merrier.  I will not be coordinating this.  Maybe you can have an open studio during the same week?  You will still only get 15 images and must send me 20 – 30 pieces to choose from. I can say yes or no to this group show online idea. You can’t question my decision and I will not explain if I don’t like the group concept.  Munich Artists cannot be the name of the group.  For any small gathering, you must have a unique group name.
  • Because it is an online gallery, we can showcase digital artwork, films, gifs, and all kinds of fun artwork that isn’t so easy to show in an offline gallery.
  • Your artwork will provide a theme for my articles the following week.  I will use examples from your gallery if they fit but there are no promises.

I will not accept all artists or artwork. Sorry.  I will not showcase the following in the Friday Gallery:

  • Bondage artwork – I’m not sure how to showcase this to an audience of all ages so it will not be showcased at this time.
  • Selected Erotic Artwork –  The audience for our website starts at preteen.  I want our site to be a resource for artists, art students and art teachers.  Although I believe erotic art has value, I will be selective in the type of art that we show so that it remains a pg 13 site.
  • Artwork that doesn’t make sense.  If you are from a small dorf and are creating artwork showing guns and gang violence or you have not ties to a specific culture and are creating artwork within that genre, I will say no.
  • I don’t like artwork with guns or violence as a primary theme. I also don’t like fish even if they are really well drawn but I will show fish if there is a good reason.  I will not show violence unless it is from a personal story line. Rape victim, survivor of violence… etc. They are working through something and it will show up in the artwork.
  • Selected Digital Artwork –  I’m a digital artist so I have an extremely high standard when it comes to digital artwork.  I have the knowledge to see how someone created a piece so not being able to explain your digital work to me and how you created it will automatically put you in the no category.
  • Artwork where the artist forgot to put themselves in the artwork- if you have not found your voice, I will not show your artwork.  If you think you are in this category, please do not send me an application. If you are not secure in your artistic abilities, please do not send me an application.  If you are not nice to me in person, please do not send me your application.  If you are not in Bavaria, please do not fill in the online Friday Gallery application.  

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