Day 1 Self Portrait Photo Challenge

Theme for day 1 is  Encounter (meeting) – a chance meeting.   Today you will be photographing yourself interacting with someone or something unplanned.   The exact definition of encounter is:

  • Unexpectedly be faced with or experience (something hostile or difficult). “we have encountered one small problem”
  • Meet (someone) unexpectedly. “what do we know about the people we encounter in our daily lives?”
  • An unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something. “she felt totally unnerved by the encounter”

I wanted to share the full definition so you don’t feel like you must interact with someone else for this first day’s challenge.  When I went out this morning to take photos, this is what I came up with:          I stepped out of my car and there was my shadow on both sides of the white line.  I liked the contrast between my shoes and my shadow.  I also liked how surprised I felt at seeing my shadow being sliced in half by the white line. It felt like I was sliced in half or the peter pan part of me was.  Luckily it looks like my shadow is firmly attached to my feet so I don’t need to be doing any sewing on this Saturday morning. I  had a few unexpected meetings this morning before I was mentally ready to start snapping photos. While walking my dogs,  I met a neighbour as she went out for a walk. We never talk because she is always on a bike but today, she was walking and we chatted for about 20 minutes.  I could have taken a photo of the two of us but I wanted to save a full self portrait or selfie for the last day of this challenge.  Continuing with my morning routine, a child happily ran into me with her bike.  I could have taken a photo of her but I didn’t want to ask for permission from her dad.   The last interaction was this one below where an older woman was walking ahead of me with her trolly of groceries.  I felt like this represented a future version of myself. I thought about how I’m walking behind her in both the physical sense of a Saturday shopping morning but also in the sense that she is old and I’m not yet old. I’m behind her in the timeline of life and the timeline of our morning errands.    I will play with the two photos a bit and add a selfie that I took today for a digital collage but I wanted to share with you the raw photos so you can see how I was thinking about this idea. I look forward to seeing how you think about encounter and what kind of photographs you decide to take today. (All the photos were shot with my iphone 6plus) Remember, you do not have to use photoshop, you can share raw photos. You can play with the idea of photos but whatever art piece you make must include a photograph self portrait using the theme. To prep yourself for the next 30 days, here is the full list of themes.

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