Day 3 mirror reflections

For Day 3 of the Munich Artists  Self Portrait Challenge, Go find a reflective surface and use it for your self portrait.  Here is an example.  I only look at the mirror in the morning when I’m getting ready so I decided to take photographs during my morning routine.

In the first photograph, I used my iphone as my mirror by reversing the camera so that it is photographed me instead of what was in front of me.  This allowed me to use the phone as a mirror and I applied my mascara.

Emmy Horstkamp - mascara-iphone as mirror Next, I recorded myself using the mirror to put on my foundation.  The problem with this shot is that my toothbrush is in there glowing like it is nuclear active. Very strange and a bit distracting.


When I was done in the bathroom, I sat in my hallway and snapped a few photographs leaning against the mirror in the hallway. I liked this shot because it reminded me of the German idea of people having a chocolate side.  The sweet side.  I titled the photograph, “Which is your chocolate side?” and I’m using it as my photograph for day 3.   For your day three, experiment with reflections and how you use mirrors or interact with glass during your day and keep snapping photos even after your done with your first idea, you may like the unplanned shot more.

Which is Your Chocolate Side Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Which is Your Chocolate Side? Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp


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