Day 16 – Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – Munich Artists Hit the Sidewalk

Munich Artists Jeffrey Ely - Sidewalk
Munich Artists Jeffrey Ely – Sidewalk

Happy Sunday.  The rain didn’t stop Munich Artists from going outside and taking photos on the sidewalk.  There are still plenty of hours in the day for you to go out and capture a unique selfie on the sidewalk. Don’t let the rain stop you!

We allow photoshop and app photos in this challenge so please go out and have some fun creating unique selfies.  The only requirement that we have imposed is that the self portrait photograph must be taken on the day of the challenge.  No archival photos should be used.

For my photo below, I used the multiexpo app on my iphone 6 plus. The raw shots are on my art website along with all the other versions I played with this morning. I have so many versions today because the app allows the user to merge 2 photos at a time and I had so much fun making different combinations from my photographs.

Nina used little toy men in two of her portrait shots and I was thinking it would be fun to make a challenge where we use lego/playmobil people and children’s toys.   I saw a recent art exhibition where the artist took photographs of children’s toy trucks and cars.  I really liked the idea of making that a 30 day challenge.

Thinking about the 30 day challenges,  I thought we could do 30 different fruits and vegetables.  30 different books.  30 different household objects. 30 different locations in Munich.  You get the idea.  We are making our lists for future challenges inspired by Munich Artists.  If you have a list of 30 that you want to try, let me know.

I also would like to do a graffiti challenge.  If you have a favourite piece of street art, please let me know. I will need 30 pieces of long term street art for that challenge. (work that will be around awhile so it can’t be on the regular graffiti walls or be small sticker art.)

If you want to participate in the 30 day self portrait challenge, you can find the themes on our challenge page.   If you would like to share a photo of your work, you can add it to the post on Facebook as a comment.  If you are an artist in Munich, you can also share your photo in our Closed Facebook group.


The Bavarian summer holidays started Friday which means that I will be spending more time away from Frauenstrasse 18 and hanging out in Sendling with my younger daughter.  If you need to see me or discuss a project, please schedule an appointment.  I look forward to seeing what you’ve created during your holidays!

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