Day 19 Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – Square

The theme challenge for today is square. If you are following the Munich Artists self portrait challenge or would like to participate, check out the themes on our theme page.    Here are a few squares that filled my inbox this morning.

I’m still working on my idea for square.  I took the photo this morning but I think I’m going to snap a few more throughout the day.  If you are a Munich based artist, you can share your image in our closed group.

My initial idea for square was a city square or  German “platz” but I know that we have artists living outside of the city limits who may not be able to find a city square to photograph. As you can see, leaving the interpretation open allows artists to get creative and send in some wonderful photographs to share with you.

Note:  During the month of August, I will be working on our  Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge book and setting up the next challenge which Starts in September.  If you have something specific you want to focus on, please let me know.  We will have one or two more 30 day challenges this year and then we will do a few shorter challenges during the holiday season. (Maybe make them group photo events at different Christmas markets.)

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