Some Artsy Things to Do This Weekend in Munich, Germany and Next Week (For the Planners Among You.)

Friday August 14, 2015

  • Open Air Theatre at the Viehof.  Tumblingerstr. 29 80337  München
  • Movie: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
  • Doors open at 2000.
  • More information on the viehof kindo website

  • Will be at the Rathaus Galerie until  September 4, 2014
  • Rathausgalerie Marienplatz 8, 80331 München
  • Today from 1100 to 1900

Saturday August 15, 2015

  • Hans Sachs Street Festival (25th year) Location: Hans-Sachs-Str. 12, 80469  München
  • 13:00 clock: Happy Beginning
    15:00 clock: Opening
    15:15 clock: There is something on the horns
    16:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part I)
    17:00 clock: Musicals by Sissy from Munich Maiprinzessin Ray
    18:00 clock: Live on Stage – Jörg Olsson (Part II)
    19:40 clock: Munich Maiprinzessin Ray leads us to the Wörthersee
    20:00 clock: Seelig moment
    23:15 clock: Last call
    23:25 clock: final waltz main stage
    23 : 30 clock: music end, serving end
    clock 00:00: end of the event

Within Driving Distance of Munich

  • 25th Pottery Arts and Crafts market  at Fuerstenfeld Fürstenfeld 12, 82256  Fürstenfeldbruck
  • 1000 until 1800 Saturday and Sunday.  
  • 100 ceramic artists will be showing their creations at this festival exhibiting handmade goods made ​​of ceramic, leather, wood, textiles, glass, gold and silver.  For more information, check out this website.

Sunday August 16th  Puppet theatre workshop at Lebenbachhaus.

So, August 16th  12 – 17.30  Can join at anytime but it will take about 2 hours.  The Material costs: 2,50 euros Please book through the museum to make sure you have a space. 


abstract art workshop

Thursday August 20, 2015 

Friday August 21, 2015 Inge Frank

    Inge Frank, painting, Helmuth Hager, paintings, sculptures, installations. Opening: 21:08:15 / 19.00 clock, the artists will be present. Introduction Dr. Hajo Düchting.
  • Landsberg am Lech, SÄULENHALLE, Schlossergasse 381, next to the Municipal Theatre
  • 22 08. 2015,  14 to 18 clock “

Saturday August 22, 2015 Marion Weigel – 1800 to 0025

  • Marion Weigel Photo Vernissage and “Yoga for Singers” Book Presentation
  • Presenting “Carnival in Venice” Prints and Catalogue, “Living Music in San Francisco” Photo Book and “Yoga for Singers” eBook. Sceening Rush, Arty Flouxe’s ​​short film.
  • Balanstr. 34, 81669 Munich (Rosenheim Plz)

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