It’s Friday and August and You’re Stuck in Town – What to do, what to do….

I’m guessing you already have an idea but if you are up in arms as to what you might be able to do on a beautiful weekend in Bavaria, here are a few suggestions:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Poetry Festival in Erlangen.  I write for a living so this sounds pretty cool. I’m not sure I would get all the word play in German but 80 creatives sharing their work sounds ideal.  The festival goes on until August 30th so if you can’t make it tonight, you can go over the rest of the weekend.  Here is a link to the event schedule.

For Tonight, this is what is going on (click on the more link to get more information on the specific event).

  • 09:00 clock  –  18:00 clock  / The translators come Twelfth Erlanger Translation Workshop Markgrafentheater, Bühnenhaus  –  Free admission!»More
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Paradise is a polonaise – Adolf book conductor” Divine Comedy “Thursday, 27 to Sunday, August 30. University Library opening times: daily 11-19 clock University Library  –  Free admission! »more
  • 11:00 clock  –  19:00 clock  / Exhibitions Nicolas Mahler – Party fun with Kant Thursday 27 to Sunday, 30th August Kunstverein – New Gallery opening times: daily 11-19 clock Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  Free admission! »more
  • 18:00 clock  / exhibitions reception in the exhibition: Party fun with Kant Kunstverein – Neue Galerie  –  free entry» more 19:00 Clock  / The translators come Erlanger literary award for poetry as a translation Orangerie in the castle gardens  –  Free admission! »more
  • 19:00 clock  / special eventsTillmann Examiner: Saint Bruno. The incredible story of my great-grandfather on Kilimanjaro Palais Stutterheim  –  Admission: 6.00 / ERM . 4,00 € – tickets at the box office or in advance at the box office of the Palace of Art “more
  • 20:30 clock  / The portraits The portrait: Alice Schwarzer Markgrafentheater  – Admission: 5.00 / reduced from 3.50 to 10.00. / reduced 8,50 Euro. »more
  • 22:00 clock  / Special Events Nicolas Mahler – Draw intentionally so bad? Theater in der Garage  –  Admission:. 9,00 / reduced 7,50 Euro» more
  • 22:00 clock  / Film program The alte Affe Angst Lamm-Lichtspiele  –  Admission: 8,00 / reduced 6,00 Euro. »more

Bavarian Market at Wittelsbacherplatz. The market started on August 22 and goes on until September 6, 2015. What will you find there?  A beer garden, some Bavarian crafts, music, traditional costumes.  If you are going to skip the Oktoberfest craziness, this may be a good alternative.

Lea Lublin Retrospective at Lenbachhaus

Lea Lubin Retrospective – Lenbachhaus. There is a movie that accompanies the exhibition.  The next screening of the movie is Thursday, September 3, 2015, @ 19 clock “The proletariat of the sexes: Feminist Positions of the 1970s”.  The exhibition is at the Kunstbau annex (Near the subway).


Fantasy Film Fest at the CinemaxX starts at 1430 today.  Check out there website for film times and more information. I’m not into scary movies so I would have to be very very careful.  If you are into scary this may be just what you need for the weekend.

underground film festival

(Friday only) The underground film festival and afterparty is also tonight.  The festival starts at 1815 at Museum Lichtspiele Lilienstr. 2 81669. You need to make reservations on the cinema’s website.

(Saturday only)

ice cream market munich

From 1200 to 2000 at the Pratelinsel 3-4, Munich, Germany.  I think there will be fashion there too…..  I will go and take some photos and give you feedback. They are doing this event in four different cities.

If you would like me to share your artsy/designy event on Munich Artists, just sent me an email and invite me on Facebook. I like sharing as long as there is some tether to art in any form.  If I miss your event, please do not get offended, A gentle reminder is always a good thing.

Have a great Bavarian weekend!

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