Tuesday News From Someplace Else – NYC Artist Evan Desmond Yee Creates Pin Wheel of Death, Berlin Art Week, London Homeless Photographers


When I get an invitation to visit an exhibition in a city that I don’t live in my first response is, “Why don’t I live in (insert city name.)

If you are in NYC, go visit Fueled Collective located at 568 Broadway, 11th Fl | NYC.  The collective has turned one of their conference rooms into an exhibition space for Mr. Yee who will be showcasing his exhibition “The App Store” for the second time. It initially exhibited as “Start-up” at gallery 151. (Just giving you a heads up that it is the same artwork in case you missed the first show.)

This is the second office space we’ve heard about in NYC being turned into a creative space.  If you know of more, please let us know. I like that companies are seeing their conference rooms as rooms for intellectual discourse rather than rooms to drain intelligence. (meetings are productivity killers.)

artist Evan Desmond Yee
iFlip by Evan Desmond Yee
App Store Exhibition by artist Evan Desmond Yee
App Store Exhibition by artist Evan Desmond Yee


What an interesting idea. 100 cameras were given to homeless people to document their version of London.  The film cameras were collected and then the images printed.  A current exhibition showcases some of the work.   A collection of the photographs will be used for a calendar.   Currently funds are being raised through a kickstarter campaign.  Click through to see the pledge options. (With this paragraph, I’m mimicking a robot.)  My favourite pledge option is the A4 photograph with certificate and the calendar. Buy the calendar as Christmas present for a photographer in the family interested in social causes and I will stop writing like a robot.


Berlin art week begins on September 15th.  If you’ve had your fill with Oktoberfest, you may want to head up to the capital for the weekend.  Here is a list of the events.

Photography by Camilo Brau, 2014
Photography by Camilo Brau, 2014

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