Run Jane Run Away From Dick and Spot. Find a quiet place Within Munich Artists 30 Day Photo Inspired Challenge

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s up doc. Put your head down and do something creative today so you can be a part of the BCA Munich Artists challenge. (The image is down below)

Don’t worry if you didn’t do everyday before today. Don’t worry if you can’t do any other day.  Don’t worry that there may be a dangerously balanced woman sitting next to you reminding you that you are an accountant or consultant or international something or other.  

Download the image below and play with it on your smart phone or offline in a doodle kind of way.   Fill all the sky with the thoughts that are passing through your head.  Scribble on the pillars surrounding your view.  If you have more advanced digital skills start collaging and enjoy the process of creating something new that wasn’t there before.

Whatever you decide to do, you are welcome to share your images with us on the  BCA challenge closed Facebook group and we might upload them to the website and share them with everyone else. (only if you are ok with that.)

Day 18-buildings-blue-sky
Day 18-buildings-blue-sky

Here are the art pieces created by Munich Artists using the image of a girl running in the subway.   If you didn’t know, we share some of the images on Instagram with a quote to make instagrammers happy and we share the images on our Facebook pages for Munich Artists and the BCA Art Challenges.

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