A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A whole lot of Munich Artists.

2016 Projects

I’ve submitted four proposals to the city of Munich for our 2016 projects. I have a fifth project which has not been submitted because I’m thinking it will be able to support itself but we will need lots of artists who like doing workshops and a big enough space to hold the event and there will be a charge to artists and to workshop participants to cover fees and materials.

For our 2016 projects, we asked Munich for funding and assistance and some resources because we need a place to plunk down installations & popup studios. Keep your fingers crossed that Munich says yes.  We would love to be able to offer Munich Artists the opportunity to share their artistic talents and create some participatory artwork and Installations and experiment with how artists can interact more openly with Munich.

If funding is approved, the open calls for our projects will be posted in November. Made Your Bed, Up in the Air, Life of a Munich Artist and Popup Studios are very different projects with different motivations.  I have an art historian curating the Made Your bed installation series, so please do not send me emails. All information will be on the website in November and we will be choosing 10 of the 12 artists in December 2015.

All projects will have Kickstarter campaigns and if you know someone who wants to help support our projects, please ask them to email me at emmy@kyfio.com. (We asked for assistance from the city but their help will not cover all the costs.)

Munich Artists Made Your Bed Installation Series.

Munich Artists Installation “Up in the Air”

Pop Up Art Studio

Life of a Munich Artist – Photo Art Book Series

Art Challenges

Munich Artists Emmy Horstkamp Daisy

We have two challenges coming up. One challenge is in November 22nd at my studio.  This will be a chance for artists to come together and create something in one day as a group.   (Note: This has been cancelled. )

The second challenge will be for Advent so it will be 24 days long. It is a bit different than our other challenges because you can take a photograph or do the tutorial and share the results. I will be posting the themes for the 24 days when I return from NYC so you have a few weeks to prepare for the start of the challenge.  This challenge will go public on December first, but if you want to try working on them ahead of time, you can email me emmy@kyfio.com and I will share access to the page with you.

Why do a challenge? Why not ask Nina Schmid about her self portrait challenge photos.  Nina Schmid just quite a few of her Munich Artists photo challenge portraits at Stroke Ltd and is super happy about the work she created in 30 days. Below are a few of the photos from the challenge.

Munich Artists Membership

We will offer membership options for artists and people who appreciate Munich Artists. More information will be posted in December (so you can buy a gift card for your Artist friends.)

Munich Artists Monthly Artist Gallery

Artists are allowed to submit an application to have a gallery of their artwork on the front page of the website. The artwork is curated and must be from working artists who are located in Bavaria.  The slots are filled until early 2016.    We also have a gallery of artwork by artists in their different neighbourhoods. email emmy@kyfio.com if you are interested in being one of the artists.

While I’m Away, Munich Artists Will Play

I will be gone next week hunting for street art in NYC so Munich Artists have volunteered to share their work with you for one week.  Each day an artist will share their work.  I will be having one writer in the mix so If you like having some English fiction to read, let me know and we can add a bit more in 2016.

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