Guest Post: Autumn Study by Susanne Krauss

This is my confrontation with autumn. I have a certain longing for spring and summer and feel a sense of melancholy during this time of year.  Do you know the children’s book ‘Frederic’ by Leo Lionni?  when I was a child I loved this book and I still love it!  Now, I try to live life like Frederic.

Everyday I collect the small and the delicate, which in so many things lies the secret to something special and that something special is what I capture with my camera.

herbst01 herbst-teil-2 herbst-teil-3 herbst-teil-4 herbst-teil-5 (1)

PS: Just like Emmy, I’m away from Munich from 28. 10. 2015 until 15. 11. 2015.  If you contact me using the information below, I will get back to you after November 16th.
 Susanne Krauss | Fotografie

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