Commntary: Emmy In Wonderland – Exhibition Spaces and Corporate Sponsors Wanted in Munich

Alice in Wonderland NYC
Alice in Wonderland NYC

Sometimes I feel like Alice.  Did I fall into a rabbit hole called Munich?   I just read a post by BassArt that they will not be doing their festival this year because of a space issue.  Why is this an issue?  Other large cities support their arts community and offer them spaces at reasonable prices.  How can a city like NYC which is an island with some of the most expensive commercial rents in the world provide space for artists to be creative and Munich real estate owners have not figured out how to do the same?

I understand that the city of Munich has limited resources. I’m not wanting Munich to underwrite every art event in the city.  I want creatives who have managed to learn to be project organizers to have the opportunity to share their creative vision without worrying about an insurmountable financial liability like event spaces. I want Munich companies to start using art as a marketing tool and get up and be innovative.  Isn’t that what you keep telling us you need to be?

In NYC, I passed by this exhibition space.


As you can see Sprint Is the underwriter of this space and showcases artwork which emphasises the companies commitment to eco-friendly living, technology and interaction.  Hello?  “Lets me explain something.”  Artists are valuable to Munich and add energy to the city.  Don’t make them flee from frustration.  Let artists be creative here in the city by offering them your unused spaces.

Munich has large international companies, we have an affluent population who enjoys cultural experiences and we have empty commercial spaces near heavy traffic areas… PLUS we have talented artists.  We have everything needed to make this happen. Why is it not happening?

Don’t you want Munich to be considered an art destination?  Don’t you think our art community deserves to be taken seriously for contemporary art and not just art created hundreds of years ago? I’m tired of artists thinking that implementing an idea is enough. It is not.  An idea should be implemented at the highest level possible so that the art piece will be taken seriously and that, dear Mingas, requires money.  Corporate support through marketing department budgets can accomplish this goal for the artists while offering a valuable marketing tool for companies.  Your support does not have to be altruistic, we will work with you to develop a marketing plan that includes art.  We have plenty of artists who make amazing artwork and need an outlet for sharing their work.

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Property owners in Munich.  Take your empty spaces and create exhibition spaces and art studios. They adds charm, interest, energy and a creative vibrance to a neighbourhood.  They give a reason for people to visit.  They make neighbourhoods popular.  Property owners benefit by the positive energy and increased exposure to the public who may eventually want to rent the space.  They will have utilities paid and a nominal rent.

Corporations.  Please consider donating spaces to artists for their projects. Help underwrite creative projects and events. Our goal as a creative community is to interact creatively with Mingas. Munich Artists will gladly plaster your name on their marketing materials and websites because we are humble and want to realise our ideas.   With this in mind, please consider adding Munich Artists to your 2016 marketing budget.

That is right, marketing budgets.  Use our events and projects to leverage your products.

Munich Artists shared a list of our 2016 project ideas.  We would love to partner with you so that our ideas are just as awesome as we imagine them to be.   Contact us at and we will handle all the artistic craziness associated with the art projects/events and we will work with your marketing departments to make sure that you have an measurable ROI.

If you are a company and you have an idea you want me to develop for you, lets go for it!  Your pockets may get me out of the Rabbit’s hole.

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