Art Studios – Hellabrunnerstr. 30 – The Greenhouses, Munich Germany & Andrea Matheisen in Waldtrudering


Tucked away near the Isar within walking distance of the Candidplatz Ubahn stop, is the Hellabrunnerstr. 30 studios which are housed in a group of greenhouses.

On Sunday, two artists had open studios so I hopped over the bridge from Sendling and stopped by to see their studios and current work.

The First artist I visited was Petra Beeking.  She was at Stroke and ArtMUC.  If you want to contact her directly, you can check out her website.  Here are a few shots of her studio and her current work on display.

12255662_929804133741401_493689462_o 12250514_929804060408075_143626932_o 12255144_929804003741414_1951463120_o 12248463_929803973741417_396893669_o 12268612_929803943741420_1800594687_o

After visiting Petra, I walked around the garden houses and saw that Trisha Kannellopoulos was also open.


This was the first time visiting Trisha’s studio.  She has been an artist working in Munich for more than 40 years.12255608_929803887074759_1043216855_o

Trisha’s works are fairly large colour fields/abstracts using dirt from different areas of the world as pigment.

12255651_929803810408100_1735575814_o 12269057_929803767074771_1499501404_o 12268575_929803740408107_22356237_o

If you are interested in seeing more of Trisha’s work, she will be at the Kunstmesse Regensburg this weekend.

Look how wonderful this area is for working.  I can see why Trisha has been at this location for so many years. If I had a studio like this, I wouldn’t be searching for another atelier…ever.

12236852_929803727074775_1039879521_o 12235421_929803690408112_2093629774_o

After visiting the greenhouses, I went and checked out Andrea Matheisen’s studio in Waldtrudering.  For the last 3 years, 11 artists have participated in the open studios (Ateliertage-waldtrudering).  I will put this open studios in my calendar for next year so I can visit more than one studio.


From the artwork on display, I liked this series of people sculptures. We talked about Andrea’s people and animals earlier this year.  Unlike her animals where one would be enough, this sculpture series begs for you to take a few home.  I liked the arrangement of four against the wall. You could also put four of them in a stand so that they are freestanding and can be moved around. The way they were displayed in the studio, you would need about 1.5 meters to display the four sculptures together.  The people sculptures run around 2k Euro each. I didn’t snap a photo of the prices so if you are interested contact Andrea for an exact price.


Andrea displayed paintings but I think her sculptures are her strongest art form. If you want to see Andrea’s abstract paintings or more sculptures, go visit her studio. Andrea’s studio address is Von Erckert Strasse 30. If you are spontaneous and want to go see Andrea’s work without setting up an appointment, her studio is open on Thursdays from 1000 to 1400.

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