Monday Morning Blues With a Tinge Of Orange

“Waiting for you.” Digital photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

I had plans for the whole weekend and did not do much of anything because I’m been having respiratory issues.  Bummer.

The weather this weekend was not helpful – rainy, cold & windy.

I did run errands this weekend which required me to drive to the suburbs where I took two photographs. The one above and the one below.

I liked the photo above when I saw it on my phone and then when I got home and saw it larger, I fell in love with it.  I’ve ordered a print on art paper to see what it will look non digital and then I’m going to work on colour combinations to see if I can draining the colour from blue to monochrome because that’s how it feels for me to be waiting for someone I love.  I wait and wait and my emotions go from sad to a kind of numbness emptiness depending on how long I have to wait.  How long will you wait? I will wait until almost forever which is about fifteen minutes.

Anyways, at the same location I found a wall full of cracks. The wall is in a middle class German suburb where all the walls are shades of white so street art unless commissioned will not be decorating the walls anytime soon.


I initially wrote read between the cracks but then I realized that the original phrase “read between the lines” works wonderfully with this image.  I would love to go back and spray paint or add stickers to the wall to create this art piece.  Anyone up for doing the dirty work for me? Knowing my luck, I will create a piece of art there and then it will spur the people to clean and patch up all those wonderful cracks and paint everything a pristine white.

So is the life of a German urban artist venturing into the burbs.  What art did you create this weekend? Show me on Facebook.

If you want me to share information about your events or visit your studio in the city, please email  The easiest way is to invite me to a public event on Facebook. I have a tendency to lose my email invitations.   You can mail me an invitation to Munich Artists Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich, Germany.



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