Apology & Artsy Things in Munich To Do This Weekend

Apology for Radio Silence

Sorry.  I was in Munich and I was on the computer working on the Friday Gallery website which died when I switched servers and I did put up a draft blog posts for our art challenge but I did not press the publish button.  Instead, I talked with artists all week and shared all that information with you on social media but forgot to repeat myself here.

As an apology, here is a photo of Simon James’s Current work:

Simon James 2015

If you look to the right, you will see Chris Tomas, Angela Smets and Simon James all have little galleries. How did they do that? How did they get me to show their artwork on the side of my website?  I asked them to send me photos and they did.  They know me.  They shared their artwork with me. They invited me to exhibitions I didn’t attend and they invited me to their studios where I gladly wandered in and poked around.  If I’ve wandered through your studio and you would like a gallery widget in 2016, please let me know.  You must be actively selling artwork. You must be in Bavaria. The online gallery spaces are filled for 7 months of 2016 so I have a couple of spots left.



  • Exhibition – Square – Elke Rice and Liz Walinski
    • Vernissage: Dec 4, 2015 19-21 clock
    • Duration of the exhibition:. 5 Opened December 11, 2015, Saturday and Sunday 12-18 clock
    • Location – Artists project Lot62 Schleißheimerstr. 62
      80333 München  www.lot62.de   ( Elke sent me at art-speak description of the exhibition which I couldn’t share.  I ‘m a simple cave woman.  Your art world sometimes scares me… anyone get that reference?)
  • Short Term Gallery is open.  We announced this before but want to make sure you support this project organised by Elli Hurst who is an artist/gallerist.  Every year she creates a popup gallery selling artwork by Munich based artists.
  • Applaudissement art magazine Exhibition is open for you to browse for artwork. No party this week just art for sale at Nibelungenstr.3, 80639 Munich, Germany.

The artists exhibiting at this sale are:

  • Peter Kohout
  • Max Ackermann
  • Stefan Schlotterbeck
  • Heike Wiebke
  • Gerd Matschke
  • Jürgen Bauer
  • Elwood
  • Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow
  • Ulli Schmeling
  • Peter Adacker
  • Emmy Ann Horstkamp
  • Justin Koller
  • Susanne Nawroth
  • Manuela Illera
  • Gabriele Rothweiler
  • Iliana Beshkova
  • Niko Vartiainen
  • Knut van Bris
  • Elzemieke de Tiége
  • Hazel Ang
  • Hubertus Breuer
  • Nina Schmid
  • Wencke Rowek
  • stan lafleur
  • Bobbie Komarek
  • Stefan Maier
  • Katrin Klug
  • Josef Maria Hader
  • Bärbel Wolfmeier
  • Christian Engelken
  • Maud Gravereaux
  • Knut van Brijs
  • Tina Schlegel
 The artwork is displayed salon style so take a deep breath before heading into the space.  We talked about applaudissement here.  I’m Friends of the Dadaist but I’m not one, I just play one on TV. (TV reference, if you get it let me know on Facebook or in person.)
  • Ray Moore is having a closing party today for his exhibition.  Starts at 2000.  Miao Dachauerstrasse 14, 80469 Munich, Germany. Ray Sings, Dances & Paints. Multi-talented American in Munich.  Did you know he has his artwork on some jeans? I love that fact.



  • Martin Potsch is one of the nicest artists I have met in Munich. He loves creating art, he loves helping other artists create art and he is working hard creating art all week long. Martin loves the whole process which means his pieces are infused with this happy go lucky energy and will make you happy to own them.

Martin has a passion for glass and even though he is known as a painter, he has been sneaking off to the German forest to learn how to create glass pieces. If you would like to see his newest art medium and his greatest passion, go to his studio on saturday and celebrate his new body of work.

  • Location: Pariser Strasse 25/Rgb. 81667 München. Party starts at 1900.

It is a German art party. No one will talk to you unless you know them. Push your way in and hunt down the tallest guy with blonde wavy hair and glasses. That is Martin. He will talk to you.  He is super nice.  I will not be there cause I’ve got a holiday dinner to attend.



The list of exhibitions will be dwindling to nothing soon because of CHRISTMAS MARKETS.  I learned the hard way last year that end of the year exhibitions are a terrible idea. Our December vernissage last year turned out to be a private party with lots of good wine and food but no sales because people are too busy to go look at art but have plenty of time to eat good food and drink good wine.

This year, we will be joining the throngs at the Christmas markets and finishing our gallery remodel so that we can show some artwork in 2016 through installations cause I want something interesting to video/photograph & talk about and I’m not an evening throwing lots of parties kind of artist.

If you go to the Christmas markets, help hunt down artists and send me directions. Like wild animals, artists are roaming and bit skittish about saying where they will be. As art hunters, we need to track them down and wrestle art from their hands before they decide to repaint it, rip it up and use it for kindling or bury it back in their studios.

If you are an artist, don’t forget the artists challenge.  24 days. 24 hours.  24 shots with your camera.  This is a fun challenge, no stress but if you take it up a notch, I might make an exhibition from the 24 hour challenge because I love this idea alot.

TGIF!!!!  I’m now off to purge more things from the studio so that it doesn’t spill into the Friday Gallery.  the division of space has been successful. I love it and I will share photos at the end of the month.

If you did not get your stuff on the list, did you invite me to you event on Facebook? If you are not Facebook Friendly, did you send me an email making sure I knew it was something to post? I get lots of email and I need something that triggers the reflex to open the email like, “Emmy Open this email.”

There is quite a few events next week. I will be posting them in a separate post on Tuesday/Wed because this post is long enough as it is.

Meeting Munich Artists or Emmy Horstkamp

If you want to meet me, I will be working at the studio/gallery space preparing the installation for January 2016.  I will be working but you are welcome to talk to me while I work but no portfolios please. I make art decisions based on what I see in studios not portfolios. 900 to 1500 are the hours I’m available for a short chat/introduction. Buyers are always welcome.  We love art buyers especially when they want to buy my art but I do sell other Munich Artists especially the ones I accept for exhibitions.  If you want to know who they are, check out the list on the Friday Gallery.   I’m not a traditional gallerist so my stable of artists is not just those artists. My stable is Munich and if you have a specific artwork you want or an artist, I will hunt them down because I’m a hunter type of gallerist  (and artist).

Enough babbling for the day Go, Live long and prosper.  (Last one for the day.)





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