Some Art You Might Never See – Rainer Schmitten Pixels

Here are two pieces of artwork you will not see at a Munich art fair, a Munich exhibition or at the Friday Gallery after December.

Rainer Schmitten

The first piece is by Rainer Schmitten.  It is very expensive.  It takes up the whole wall of his hallway.  It is way too big for his house.  It deserves a new home with lots of room to actually see the image.

When I walked up the stairs, I saw blocks of colour but I could not tell what the image was. Rainer suggested I take a photo.

When I looked at the photo, I was surprised, “Oh my goodness, It’s a woman licking her lips.” The only artwork I’ve seen from Rainer were his abstracts and some pen and ink illsutrations. Rainer said he thought about doing something more intimate but now he is glad he didn’t because he has two small children and he wants to keep his house appropriate for children.

The approximate size of the piece is 3 M x  3 M. Rainer lives in a traditional Bavarian styled house with three levels and no huge rooms or walls except in the narrow hallway. This piece deserves to be showcased on a wall and appreciated from the right distance.  Do you have a big house with large enough walls to hold a 3M piece of art?  If you do, contact Rainer and buy this piece.  For around 25k Euro, it can be yours.

Rainer Schmitten with his Pixel Painting.

Jenny Schminke

12351322_939422236112924_482068808_o (1)
Jenny Schminke Portrait Series

I met with Jenny Schminke last week and bought  a set of animal portraits which are now residents at the Friday Gallery.  This is  one of the pieces dismantled.

If you are interested, stop by the gallery and have a peek. Manuela Illera is also at the gallery painting during the month of December. I asked her to paint a painting and she is painting a painting.  I will post photos in the splaining section after she sends me her 500 word post about her process.

Here is my schedule for the rest of this week:

Wed – 900 – 1500 at Frauenstrasse 18

Thursday – Visiting an artist. If you want to see me on Thursday, I will be working in Sendling after my meeting with a talented Munich artist.

Friday – 900 – 1400 at Frauenstrasse 18

NOTE: If you have an art piece that is too big to exhibit in a Munich gallery but you want people to know about it, please let me know and I will talk about it.  I will only post photos with price tags.  Don’t make me guess about the piece. give me exact information including a price. If the collectors love it, they will pay what you are asking or negotiate you to a price they are willing to pay.   You can also send me some cash if a collector buys it because Munich Artists wants your money to do creative things (like the stuff on our projects page.)

PS  The last time I talked about Rainer and Jenny in the same post was during our Art in the Park project last summer.

PSS.  Do you know the story of the poster of the dog in my feature shot?  She has been missing since 2014 and her poster was everywhere for almost a year.   Man’s best friend lost in Munich.



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