Current streetart Tumblingerstr. Munich, Germany January 2016

Current artwork on Tumblingerstrasse.  If you would like to see the works in person, you can park your car at Tumblingerstrasse next to the graffiti or take the U3 to Poccistrasse and walk a block. Remember Street art on this street is legal and does not stay very long because artists love to create artwork. This street is also curated so contact a street artist in Munich BEFORE you go doodling your way into trouble. If you don’t know a street artist in Munich, head to the other side of this wall and work your magic.

Lando Graffiti – Bowie – 2016
Lando Graffiti Detail photo of Bowie 2016
City Slickaz (below) and HNRX (Above)
HNRX (above)
City Slickaz tag (love it.)
Subtwo Street Art Portrait 2015
Lettering 2015 (There is more lettering but I took a shot of one example)
Marc Sumo Street Artist from Luxembourg (above)?

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