An Art Fair in Ulm? March 12 -20th 2016


If you have been following our art challenges, today’s colour is Yellow! Go forth and create a mapplethorpe and piss a little art for me baby but only after you read about the Ulm Art Fair.



This is the fourth year.  Why have I not heard artists talking about this?  Is it because Ulm is 90 minutes away?  Regenburg is 90 mintes away and I hear artists talking about the art fair in Regenburg. Why is there a radio silence about Ulm?  Are you just being snobby artists or are you keeping all those 80k visitors to yourselves?

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work in Ulm, the booth prices are reasonable.  Here is a link to the Kunstschimmer website. The fair is for 9 days (two weekends) and you can be an absentee artist for an additional fee.  FYI: Your art will not sell if you are an absentee boothlord.

Here is the German blurb sent to me by the organizers:

Die große KUNST MESSE in Ulm sucht wieder Teilnehmer! Der „Kunst Schimmer 4“ findet erneut im Donausaal der Donauhallen, auf fast 1000 Quadratmetern, als autonomer Teil der Frühlingsmesse “Leben, Wohnen, Freizeit” statt – Die Frühlingsmesse zieht jedes Jahr ca. 80.000 Besucher an und ist die größte Messe der Region. Die Messe beginnt am 12. März und dauert insgesamt 9 Tage. Künstler aus allen Bereichen, Kunstvereine und Galerien sind herzlich willkommen. So schnell wie möglich bewerben! – Bitte weitersagen!

Are you feeling Ulmy?  I’m waiting to hear about an art fair that is at the end of March that I already applied for in the US.  If that one falls through, then I will plan on this one and I will go over the weekends.  There is a penalty fee if you are not in the booth for at least 5 day but the prices is reasonable enough that you can rent your own booth for the 9 days and just go for two or four days and pay the penalty fee.

80k visitors is a respectable number and with that many people you may sell enough art to break even or have enough left over to buy more art supplies or take a trip around the world. (Depending on how expensive your art is.)

Here are a few photos by T. Brem of the 2015 art fair.








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