Reasons To Say Hello on April 23, 2016

_MG_1025sw4 x
Artist Anni Riek photo by Roland Schmid

Dear Munich Artists, here are a few reasons to join the 500 artists say Hello:

  1. You will get to meet Anni Riek who created a 30x30cm box with her artwork tucked inside!  See, you can put put your artwork in a box… just make sure I can hang it with gallery hooks and that everything is securely inside. We have liability insurance but your piece is NOT insured (if you want insurance, please insure it yourself.)
  2. You get a chance to show your work to 500 other artists and be part of an event that has everything to do with being an artist, being creative and talking with other creatives and seeing what they make.

We will be picking artists for specific projects including:

  1.  Munich Artists Book – We will pick 75 artists and you will be picking 25 for a total of 100 artists to be featured in the book.
  2. Munich Art Market (You must be actively selling and looking for clients/commissions and consider art something you could never live without as in, you would die if you did not make art. That is who we want on the Munich Art Market.
  3. Friday Gallery installations.   A few of you will get to hang out with me for 30 days as you create an installation based on an idea of mine or one of the curators I know.
    • Ideally one guy and one women or a collective of artists
    • Not sure? Ask Ines Seidel and Allun Turner how much fun they are having working together  on “The Talk” installation at my downtown space.
  4. ArtSeeTalk – We have been approached by curators who want to curate you. We will let them hunt for artists at the event and then help them get the exhibition off the ground. We will also let them talk about art stuff on (a domain we own.)

Those are some very good reasons to join us on April 23, 2016. If you need some more, I will think up some more reasons and give them to you next week.  Look forward to seeing your submissions.  Mail them to Re: Hello Event. If you forgot what the hello open call says, here is the link to the open call.

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