Munich Art Market – Curated Art & Design

Munich Art Market

One of the benefits of attending the 500 artists Say Hello event is registering for the Munich Art Market.

After 3 years of motivating artists and creatives in Munich, Kyfio UG is ready to launch the Munich Art Market as an e-commerce site.

The Munich Art Market will be curated and focused on fine art & design products from Bavaria Germany (and our neighbours closeby.)

Each artist will have the opportunity to present their artwork/product lines and explain their concepts.

What are we looking for in products? We are looking for artwork and design that say:

  • European
  • German
  • Bavarian
  • Minga
  • Hey! I’m unique… as in you don’t fit in the above categories but you are so cool  I’m lucky that you live in my city. (In a modest way of course.)
  • Urban ( I love urban and street art).
  • Munich without shouting Munich at me. Your artwork/design can shout Munich but I also need artwork that shouts just you and not the city. We need both cause some people like wearing Munich on their sleeve and others just want Munich in their hearts.

Selected products will be showcased at our space downtown and people will be encouraged to reserve pieces online and pick them up in person.

The application fee for artists and designers will be 20 Euro. The artwork and design items for sale will be Curated by Dr. Emmy Horstkamp, Founder of Munich Artists. If you like our Munich Artists site, you will be happy with Munich Art Market site/store.

The application fee for the website is 20 Euro. Each artist who participates in the 500 Artists event will be submitted for review.  Artists without work on the walls of the event are encouraged to come on April 23, 2016 and register for the Munich Art Market.

Registration for the website will only happen during a 500 artists say Hello event.  We will not accept applications outside of the event.  No exceptions.

Being accepted to the Munich Art Market is a non exclusive representation by the website. We encourage you to continue selling your work around town but ask that your work presented to Munich Art Market not be sold in another location downtown.  (sell other designs not the ones you give us to sell.)

We may offer licensing arrangements for art/design that we think would be great as a Munich Artists product.   All  other work presented in the Market will be offered on a commission basis which means you bring it to us, we sell it and take a commission from the price.  Prices for your products will be discussed during your portfolio review so that the commission doesn’t hurt so much.


  1. Munich Art Market is for Artists living and working in Germany and neighbouring regions.
  2. Registration fee is 20 Euro.
  3. Registration occurs only in person and only during 500 artists say hello event(s).
  4. Curated. artists will be added to a database but only selected works will be chosen for the Munich Art Market website and for display in our space.
  5. Admission to the market is for 1 year.
  6. Artists can sell work everywhere else. This is a non-exclusive representation of the artist.  Artwork representation will be dependant on the art.  (Yes, we will agent an art piece for licensing.)
  7. We will be offering consulting services to collectors wanting artwork from Germany.