Feeling Like You Reached the End of You Rope? Get More at J. Kienmoser KG

I miss the practical farm and fleet stores found in Wisconsin.  My father, a German with a love of the land, would take me to the hardware store on Saturday mornings to get supplies to fix the neighbours farm equipment and to take care of our football field lawns and acres of forest. (All German immigrants must own land and/or a house and a car to be real Americans.)

Although we don’t have a farm and fleet in Munich, we do have German specialty stores which offer everything your heart desires in a specific category – if you know where to find them and have an idea what you need for your artistic projects.

Yesterday, I walked through a courtyard and saw a women walk into this shop.  Since the only thing on the outside was the name J. Kienmoser, I had no clue why she walked in there.  Why did she go into that building? Hmmm… I walked over to the door that was slightly ajar and looked in.  OH! It never occurred to me that there would be a specialty store for rope. (Yes, I know. I’m so brave or stupid as to stick my head into someone else’s space because the door was left open. I do this all the time.)


J. Kienmoser

Do you need cordage, nets, twines, cords, straps and all those little gadgets that hold them together?  If the answer is yes, go to  J. Kienmoser KG,  located in an inner downtown courtyard at Sendlinger Str. 36.  Just walk through the archway from Sendlingerstr. and veer to your right.


J. Kienmoser is a 3rd generation family business with more than 80 years of experience in the field of cords and connection technology (What you use to hold the ropes.)  I did not know what I wanted in the store, there were so many cool things I could take to my studio! Thank God I followed that woman through the open door.  

Although I did not have a specific project in mind, I wandered around the store looking and touching everything and snapping a few photos to share with you.

After looking at all the different straps, I remembered I needed a new headboard. Maybe I could make a headboard from the straps and ropes and all those cool connection technology gadgets.


If you have a specialty store  that you love to visit, please let me know and I will go check them out. By the end of the year, we will have a great list of specialty stores so that we are not wandering around the German hardware stores or Munich in vain.











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