500 Artists Playing Cards on November 19, 2016

We are all about having fun, creating art and sharing our art with the world.   Elizabeth Hughes, a Munich Artist and creative living in Mingaland, came to my studio a few weeks ago and asked if we could make a deck of cards like the ones she had from her prior domicile in America.  I don’t have an image of her cards but I do have an example of the idea:

We are planning to make cards like these for Munich Artists!

I said YES!  Munich Artists will make playing cards and we would also have a smashing event filled with fun and artists and playing cards.

SAVE THE DATE:  November 19th, 2016

We will be throwing a party called 500 Artists Play Cards to launch the Munich Artists Playing Cards.

Facts you will want to know:

  • We don’t know yet where in Munich – If you have a huge space with lots of tables and chairs and want lots of artists descending in on you, please let me know (emmy@kyfio.com)  The space must have space to exhibit the artwork from the cards which will be for sale. Ideally 300 – 500 people should fit into the space without feeling claustrophobic.
  • We will be playing either Schafkopf, A traditional Bavarian game or Poker.  We will be making a deck for both types of games.
  • The evening will be a fun tournament type event where the winners will get something artsy without a price tag so that we don’t have to worry about annoying someone official. Maybe a Risograph inspired art piece or the opportunity to develop an idea or collaborate with me  (which is priceless.)
  • Don’t know how to play cards? You can sign up for the “bunnyhill” tournament which will be for people who have no clue how to play cards but want to have a fun evening drinking beer and meeting Munich Artists.
  • We will be selling tables and encourage you to purchase a table. The costs of the table depends on the location we secure. Prices will be posted as soon as we have a location partner secured.
  • We want everyone to be able to join in on the fun so if you don’t have enough friends to buy a table, we will sell single chairs to single people.
  • We are raising funds for the printing of the cards. If you want to be a sponsor or donate to this art project, please email emmy@kyfio.com.
  • Elizabeth Hughes is the project manager for the cards and Emmy Horstkamp (me) is managing the event. Elizabeth is picking artists from the artists who attended our 500 Artists Say Hello Event. If you participated in Saturday’s event, you may be hearing from Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth Hughes is designing the back of the cards and the number details.
  • Cards will go on sale on November 19th.  If you would like to sell the Munich Artists cards in your boutique/Store or use them at your company for something cool, please let us know.  All artists involved in the project will be receiving a percentage of the profits from the cards sold at retail outlets.
  • We like books and will make a booklet for this event showcasing the two decks and giving instructions on how to play poker and Schafkopf. If you want to sponsor the book, please let me know.


This will be an awesome way to start the holiday season!   I will continue to keep you posted as we progress through our timeline. For now, I want you to put the date in your calendar and I look forward to seeing you on November 19th, 2016 (Saturday)

Other projects

I was going to talk about them today but now I think I will wait until tomorrow to share information about:

  • International Print Day May 7th
  • Inspired by Brigitte Pruchnow  Art Book project
  • Lets Art Swap
  • June, July, August Window installations at Odeonsplatz







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