Stroke Art Fair 2016 – PART I

Hello Mingaland.  Did you miss me yesterday?  I spent the day visiting Stroke Art Fair 2016 and unveiling plaster masks with Hazel Ang at my Studio.  Today, we are going to talk about stroke, tomorrow we will talk about masks.


We like stroke art fair because it is in Munich and we can walk there from the studio. This is version 7.0 and Stroke Art Fair is still attracting galleries with interesting artists but the art is shifting a bit towards contemporary so now the two are blended through each building like the plaid rug below. What. A plaid Rug? Yes, there is a rug underneath Viktoria Porkay’s painting “Prince Valentine.”

I found it funny that I saw this painting heading out from the gallery on my way to the studio. What fascinated me was the back so when I saw it at Stroke, I knew the universe wanted me to talk to the artist.  Ms. Porkay painted the painting on a rug/carpet. That fact isn’t so obvious from the front but very obvious when you see how the painting is attached to the frame.

Viktoria is a “young” artist.  I don’t think this fact matters but is seemed to matter to the Galerie Flash and that is how they described her… young and talented.  FYI – I don’t care how old you are, I care how talented you are. Stop associating talent with age. What matters to Munich Artists is that the work by Viktoria Porkay is creative, contemporary and in Munich.

Of course, as a female artist,  I loved that a female artists created the portrait and the artwork wasn’t labeled female art by the gallery – Very good sign for Viktoria and contemporary female artists.

Prince Valentine is one of my favourite pieces from Stroke this year. As you can see, it isn’t street art but a very contemporary portrait by a talented artist.  Go Viktoria!  We will be cheering you on your climb up the art career ladder.

Artist Viktoria Porkay – Prince Valentine

A press release came into my inbox from a greek gallery and I put it on my to do list to see their work.  To get to their booth, I passed this booth getting ready and I thought you might enjoy seeing all the work they put into a wall that is now hidden by lots of stencil art.

As you can see from the layers on the ground, this wall was super stenciled. It looked cool and I thought they were going to sell that panel which I thought was a great idea but then, when I walked by later, the whole wall was covered by little art pieces.  It was a sad realisation that all that work they put into the wall was just to showcase the tiny pieces.  I would have preferred the stencil wall and maybe a2 versions of the stencil wall that I could buy or maybe I could create a stencil using their stencils and take it home with me but this was a German gallery and that isn’t quite how German galleries work… yet.


Across from the covered stencil wall is a new gallery visiting from Turkey.  The Mixer Gallery  brought one of their famous street artists CINS (hiding behind the artwork below.) He is a very modest man who happens to be all over the walls of Turkey.  I asked CINS if he was going to put himself all over the street art walls of Munich but no one had asked him and he was flying to Berlin to have fun with people who want him to join in on the party. This made me sad. I want him to join my party, here in Munich and I would love to have one of his art pieces on our walls for a few weeks… Hello? Where is our street art welcoming committee?

CINS enjoys very organic shapes and he created collaged paper cutouts for Stroke Art Fair. CINS was very clear that he wasn’t upcycling paper but using art paper to create the coloured paper pieces.  The collages are not a planned but if you see a face in the image, it is their on purpose. Each collaged piece is priced under 900 Euro. They were doing a quick translation between Turkish Money and Euro in their heads to give me a price so if you are quick and get over there, maybe you can get a deal if you buy more than one piece. I think they are bringing a bit of Turkish business sense with them so you may have lots of fun discussing prices and buying art at this booth.  If you don’t like haggling, just go in and shout at Hazal Altun, the gallerist, “I will pay 900 Euro for that!” She speaks fluent English and is a bubbly petite woman. Nothing to be afraid of in this art booth. Go meet her and ask her about her twin sister living on the other side of the world. (Conversation starter in case you need one.) 

After talking with the artist, I was curious to see his street art so I looked him up on the internet and I found him making a street art piece that looks like one of the drawings at Stroke.  You can read the article about CINS here. (Turkish, use google translate.)

CINS Painting on the Street
CINS Street Art  (I want this in Munich)

Calligraffiti Ambassadors

I was on the press tour so lots of artists were still trying to figure out how to hang their work on the walls but Patrick Hartl was on the ball so he gets to have his photo in this article. Patrick did the organising for Calligraffiti at Stroke Art Fair and he is a Munich based street artist with a studio practice.

I own Patrick’s work and I’m a fan of the series below. The artwork is collaged and street art influenced.  Patrick started this series by taking work from his studio and ripping it up and layering it.  So it is all Patrick.   This series is priced under 600 Euro (at least at his last exhibition please consult with him and bring a few extra hundred if you plan to buy one.)

PATRICK HARTL – Calligraphy Collage work – Stroke Art Fair 2016

2WEI Art

This is an art collective showing the work of four artists.  Kaldea Nakajima’s artwork glows in the dark. The figures are have an Asian makeup flair and in her new series, she is making female figures based on different native cultures.

Kaldea will have a flashlight on hand for you to see how she has integrated the glow in the dark feature so hopefully she will remember to show you how her artwork changes with the light. Kaldea may be putting some street art out on the streets of Munich, Germany on Monday. I asked her to let me know if she does so I can go photograph it.  If you are a Munich Street artist, please go grab her and her boyfriend and show them where they can paint. Please make them feel welcome so we keep getting more cool street art in Munich.

Kaldea Nakajima – Street Artist from Paris – 2016
Dingo Babusch – Street Artist with a Studio Practice.

I loved this piece below because it combines so many things that I enjoy. It is  decades of paper layered. The artist found an advertising cylinder in Stuttgart that was being thrown away and cut out sections of it.  He took a saw and cut into the cylinder paper and created these rectangles of paper to be then stenciled.  The piece is standing like a sculpture in the display space.   This couldn’t happen in Munich. The Ads are ripped off so frequently that we only get maybe a year’s worth of ads on a circle round. They would never get thick enough to look like a plank.  If you are looking for a piece of Germany, this would be it. Priced under 2k Euro.

Artist Marok 189 – Stroke Art Fair 2016
Artist Thomas Meinicke

The ISPO installation that we talked about earlier this year is at Stroke. You  now can purchase the clouds for around 100 Euro. There are some cool ones so go get one!  The money from the sale of the clouds goes to a charity.

Next to the cloud is some small artwork by Ines Seidel for under 300 Euro

Ines Seidel 2016

Part II will be posted later today. I will also try to make a part III on Friday but I’m not sure I will be able to get over there again until Sunday.


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