Stroke Art Fair 2016 – Part II

PART II go here for Part I

Walk past the ISPO installation and enter the Ponyhof artclub room Displayed on the back wall are a few very large pieces. The one below is priced under 7000 Euro.  All the pieces by the artist Jakub Hubalek are monochromatic and I took a photo of the female portrait and a group scene. They both look like they are based on old photographs.  They look pretty straight forward but if you need more of a story, talk to the gallerist.

Artwork  by Jakub Hubalek Stroke Art Fair 2016
Artwork by Jakub Hubalek Stroke Art Fair 2016

In the same room, there are these two concrete blocks that I would have lugged home if I was looking for big sculptural pieces for a larger flat.  I like Valentina Murabito’s technique and the way she executed the work.

Stroke Art Fair 2016 – Valentina Murabito – Analog photograph, photoemulsion on Concrete



The artwork below is by Innerfields and I love Innerfields’ work.  Innerfields is a group of three street artists with a studio practice.  The cool thing about this group is that all three work on the artworks together and it really is seamless.  The work isn’t a collage of styles together but an Innerfields style.  The collection this year seems to be focused on the absence of the technology gadget – Let your brain insert the data.  Please don’t miss them.  The three artists are present I think. I saw two of them wandering around yesterday so I’m assuming the trio made the trip down from Berlin.

Innerfields – Stroke Art Fair 2016



We saw his work in two locations.  We’ve talked to HNRX and we want to make sure he continues making art so go buy some of his artwork.



Provenzano Fine Art

Below is an artwork brought all the way from Brazil.   The gallery is on the bottom floor of the main building in a corridor gallery space.  I really liked the work of Nick Alive but he didn’t fly to Munich from Brazil. You are welcome to talk to the two very friendly gallerists who are present and the other artists in the booth. I don’t have a price for you.. I think this piece was under 1k Euro.


FullSizeRender (5)
Nick Alive -Brazilian Artist at Stroke Art Fair 2016

For the Artists.  If you are part of Munich Artists or a Munich Artist and I didn’t capture your pretty face, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise there would be so many of you!  I went on the press tour and you or your artwork were not there yet or, you were so busy I didn’t get to talk with you, or, you didn’t scream at me to stop and pay attention.  I’m sorry. I love all Munich Artists and I’m encouraging people to go find you at the fair but, because of International Print Day, I don’t know if I will make it back out to the Island so we will have to do a little game planning for next year.

For collectors. I did a quick breakdown of the galleries present.

  •  14 galleries/art collectives are from Munich.
  • 10 galleries are from other areas of Germany.
  • 2  galleries are from Switzerland.
  • 10 galleries are from Turkey, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain and the US. (Numbers are approximate, I’m an artist not an accountant.)

You will find excellent artwork at the fair and I’ve shown you photos of some of my favourites that were hanging or displayed when I walked with the press tour.

You will be happy with most of the prices. I’m not a big fan of paying high prices for unknown artists even those I love.  When you go, buy what you love and can afford. There is plenty of artwork to choose from and many of the artists have created artwork that is small and can be carted home on the subway without leaving you with a hole in your pocket. (Except for Valentina Murabitos Cement rectangles. You will need a forklift to get those home.)

If you are looking for more international artists, you may get a tad grumpy.  I pointed out the artists from Paris, Brazil, Turkey and Spain and you can hunt down the Polish and British  & Dutch artists.

If you are a street artist and I didn’t say hello, please email me and I will go photograph your work on the streets of Munich, Germany and share it on the website. If you are a street artist and you didn’t create street art pieces while in Munich…. shame on you.

Have fun everyone this weekend.  I wish the artists amazing sales and I wish the collectors a good art hunt.






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