Artsy Things to Do this Weekend May 6 – May 8th 2016

If the weather is beautiful this weekend, everyone will be heading to the mountains or a beer garden or the Isar.  Just in case the art force is strong within you, I’m sharing some of the artsy things to do in Munich this weekend.

International Print Day


At Frauenstrasse 18 we will be celebrating international print day from 1400 to 1800 on May 7, 2016. Because it is a Saturday, you will need to ring the Kyfio UG doorbell.  Munich Artists welcomes you to come and create a Risograph print using our Risograph machine.

We are supplying the ink and you must bring your own A4 paper and your own black & white design/artpiece/photograph- it must be your own work and it must be black and white.   Make sure the paper is under 200g but thick enough to suck in some ink.   Max prints allowed will be 20 plus a few to share with the other artists. I will share whatever art is created on the website next week and on our Instagram feed.




This is the 31st  Dok.fest    If you like documentary films, you will love going to see the films during this festival. There are 13 film viewing locations just on Saturday so please go check out the website for more details.  Calendar can be found here. Go look and decide what you are going to watch. I plan on seeing EVA HESSE at the Pinakothek der Moderne on Sunday May 15th but you can see it this Saturday at 1600.

Stroke – The Stroke art Fair goes on until Sunday at the Praterinsel.   We talked about the current stroke here and here.  Munich Artists showing artwork at Stroke this year include:

Brigitte Pruchnow – Triptych Group

Andrea Peipe -Triptych Group

Petra Beeking -Triptych Group

Patrick Hartl – Calligraffiti Ambassadors vs Stroke Artfair

Hubert Juranek  – Munique_Art

Tanja Hirschfeld – Frida Gallery

Susanne Krauss – Sensored

Max Ott – Sensored

Lumenman – Lumenman



Martin Potsch – Martin is having an open studio tomorrow where you can see his glass art pieces.  Martin is a very versatile artist with a great sense of humour. Most of the time I’m showing his painting but Martin really really loves making art objects from glass.  Stop by his studio in Haidhausen and check out his recent creations.  Here is a link to his Facebook event.

Handmade Designmarkt

A market for handmade goods like bags and clothing and things for your house.  Location: Backstage Muenchen – Werk, Hale,Club, Werkstatt/Studio  Reitknechstr. 6 80639 Munich. I’ve never been to this so I have no clue what it is like but they are all over Germany so it should have some good stuff.


If you are a Munich Artist or are an art/design/cultural/hipster/urban event organizer  and I didn’t put you down on this list, then we must have not met or you did not tell me you were doing something this weekend.  If you want me to put you on the list, make sure we meet and send me a press release so I know you know about this website.  Also, Facebook Public Event invitations are always great if you want to get on the event list on Facebook.  We only focus on artsy things on Munich Artists but if you have something Munich related and want to participate in Mingaland, let us know.

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