Raw Photography – Hometown by Dragos Hanciu 

Through the doors and on the other side of a small courtyard, Die Faerberei is hosting the artwork of Dragos Hanciu.

Artist Dragos Hanciu at Der Faerberei

Dragos filled the Faeberei exhibition room with melancholy images capturing little details of the small Romanian city where he grew up and, behind a curtain, an installation shares a few moments of the holiday season. The installation video is filled with the sound of crows and although the sounds were incidental, they work well with the nativity scene segment of the installation film and sharing a glimpse of what it is like to stand in his hometown.


In the photo series, Dragos focuses on the small details which prove that people live in his hometown but this proof does not remove the forlorn feeling excuded by the images. Having left the small town to attend university, Dragos accentuates those peculiar details no longer noticed by those who still reside within the town.

My two favourite photographs are Blue Chair,2016, a photo showing a chair attached to a gas line, and  Jessie, 2015, an image of a dog running towards the camera.

Blue Chair, 2016

Dragos said it was very common for people in his hometown to attach chairs to the top of the gas lines which run outside of each of the buildings. In the Blue Chair photograph there was only one chair perched on the gas line which was unusual. According to Dragos, people sit on the chairs to escape from the seasonal heat.  Knowing that this practice is commonplace by the residents, shapes an image of the residents and a way of life very different from our own.

Jessie, 2015

My second favourite image is of a dog running (you can see it in the portrait shot of Dragos.) The image shows a dangerous looking dog charging towards the camera.  If I had to pick a photo to buy from the exhibition, this would be the one I would take home. (Photos are priced at 400 Euro.)

Dragos will be showing his photographs and video installation until the 15th of May 2016. If you like German poetry, there will be a reading of German poetry inspired by the photographs on wed. at 2000.

Die Faerberei is located at Claude-Lorrain-Str. 25/ Rgb 81543, Munich.

If you would like to see more work by Dragos Hanciu before heading over to the exhibition, you can check out his website.







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