3rd Klohaeuschen Biennial – The Biennial of neglected Life Forms

For the 3rd  KloHaeuschen biennial, Dr. Susanne Schmitt will be curating an international exhibition from the artists that created work within the KloHaeuschen space over the last year.

Artists to be included in this year’s Biennal include:

9 Volt | Adam Zaretsky | Anette Friedrich Johannessen | Anna Rose | Campus Novel | Carolin Wenzel | Eben Kirksey | Ella von der Haide | Ellie Irons & Anne Percoco | Fiona Davies | Heidi Mühlschlegel | Izabela Łęska | Janean Williams | Judith Egger | Katharina Weishäupl | Katrin Petroschkat | Laurie Young | Lutz Weinmannn | Manuela Müller | Martin Leibinger | Myrna Lee Pronchuk & JJ Jones | Natalie Doonan | Natalie Göltenboth | Nicola von Thurn | Nikolai Vogel | Sanne van Gent | Silke Markefka | Stephanie Müller | THE HERCULES AND LEO CASE | Tommy Schmidt & Athor | Unsensiblo Chamaeleon

The Biennal opening will take place on July 2nd at 2000 and you will be able to see the work exhibited until July 9, 2016.

Photo of the 2011 Biennale at the klohaeuschen

If you would like to know more about the KloHaeuschen, and Anja Uhlig, you can read our post here.

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