Last night I attended the KHBI3 curated by Susanne Schmitt.

The KloHaeuschen Biennial has a tiny exhibition catalogue.  This tiny little book is very very useful to have. The book costs 8 Euro if you would like to purchase one from Anja Uhlig.

Below is Susanne Schmitt the Curator of Biennial of Neglected Life Forms.  Susanne is a scientist and she organised the artwork in a scientific way by type and physical traits.  If you purchase the little booklet from Anja Uhlig, you will get to see what Susanne chose for the exhibition and how she organised the pieces.

Sussane Schmitt – Curator of KHBi3

Luckily for KHBI3, Germans are trained from kindergarten to stand outside in the rain in weather proof suits so, a tiny bit of water wasn’t going to stop the performances.

Dedicated KHBI3 visitors
Performance by Gurrmee – The Taste of Being Excellent- Tommy Schmidt & Athor
Participatory performance by Nikolai Vogel – The crowd started a statement (crowd split in half) with “without” or “With” and then Nikolai placed a tiny poem on the wall at the end of his performance.
Tiny poem at the KIBi3 by Nikolai Vogel
Art curated by Susanne Schmitt – Biennial of Neglected Life Forms
Art exhibition curated by Susanne Schmitt


Gurrmee – The Taste of Being Excellent

Stephanie Mueller

Birds Are Spies – They Report to the Trees – Performance by Stephanie Mueller. The bird is made from a textile that disintegrates.  To the right you see little white dots, she filled them with water and then they grew while the bird she is holding in this photograph disintegrated and turned into a gooey liquid.  Inside the white holes in the ground were raisins… she ate one and offered them to the guests.  I did not eat one.

Stephanie can be seen on this video. She likes working with textiles and enjoys spontaneous performances like the one she performed last night.


Maria Berauer, Karo Knots and Katrin Petroschkat

The Hercules and Leo Case – The World -by Maria Berauer, Karo Knots and Katrin Petroschkat


Munich Artists Maria Berauer, Karo Knots and Katrin Petroschkat


Anette Friedrich Johannessen

The Lot by Anette Friedrich Johannessen (Norway) (Video of Performance)

Anette Friedrich Johannessen flew in from Norway for the KHBi3 event.  Anette is dealing with the idea of negative empty spaces and one of her videos was on display in the exhibition.  If you would like to read more about her work, you can find her on the Performance Art Bergen website.  I have a beautiful tiny book based on the performance that I will keep at Frauenstrasse 18.  Anette made it in a book workshop and I liked that she made her own little book (Because I love art books as you can tell from this and this post.)

Since we are working on a contour book, this statement by Annette Friedrich Johannessen resonates with us.
Annette’s project is supported by the Municipal of Bergen.  We are happy they are supporting her. Munich Artists loves communities that support their artists.

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