Artsy Things to do from July 8 – July 11, 2016

I know as artists you always have something artsy to do in your studios but if you are out and about here are some things you can do over the next few days:


Michael Buthe Retrospective at Haus Der Kunst


Starting this week there is a retrospective exhibition of artwork by Michael Buthe at the Haus der Kunst and an exhibition entitled “Michael Buthe und Ingvild Goetz – Ein Freundschaft,”at Sammlung Goetz.


Nir Altman Gallery is having the opening of their new exhibition on Friday July 8, 2016. The address for the gallery is Ringseissrasse 4 rgb.  It starts at 1900. I will be stopping by after I interview Ms. Wagner about her public art piece but only for a bit so if you are trying to meet me, be there early. I think my max amount of time spent at an exhibition I’m not required to stay at is 45 minutes but mostly I bolt after 15.


Here is the blurb Nir was nice enough to send.

Nir Altman Galerie is proud to present Vered Aharonovitch’s first solo show in Munich.

The concept behind Vered Aharonovitch’s exhibition “The Art Class” grew into being during a period of time the artist spent as an art instructor for teenage youth. This was a meeting point of inspiration and creativity where Vered found herself flowing between a position of authority as the “all­knowing” and experienced supervisor, and a position of identification with her students as they dealt with the nuances of the art world for the first time. The variety and complexity of situations that the artist was exposed to during her time as a teacher are an integral part of this exhibition.


The Wiede Fabrik is having their Summer Open Studio (Offene Ateliers Wiede Fabrik Sommer).  You can head over and see Angela Smets, Simon  James and the other talented artists working in the old factory buildings.  The Event starts tonight but if you are not a party animal then you may be happier browsing through the studios over the weekend. Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Donnerstag, 07. Juli um 19.00 Uhr
Freitag: 19.00 bis 22.00 Uhr
Samstag: 15.00 bis 22.00 Uhr
Sonntag: 14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr



Super + Sommerfest – Feldmochingerstr. 7

Gabriele Rothweiler has her studio out there and will be doing a photo event where she will take your photo.  Can’t beat a photo by a professional photographer.  Go later in the day and stay until the evening to enjoy the festivities, the party starts at 2200 (past my bedtime.)  You can totally do this and Kunst im Karee.  Wiede Fabrik is waaaaaaaay on the other side of the city so decide what side of town you want to be on and then go, go, go visit the artists and enjoy a wonderful summer party.

Kunst im Karree is happening this weekend.  This is the open studios in the Schwabing area.  90 professional artists at 56 locations.  July 9 and 10th from 12 to 2000.  Plenty of time for you to go visit Elke Reis at her studio.  Don’t worry if you don’t see everyone, just go see Elke and you will feel like you accomplished something wonderful. (She showed her work at 500 Artists Say Hello and ArtMUC.)

Elke Reis at her studio located at Schleissheimer strasse 62 (Photo by Angelika Moeller)


WEAR A MASK FOR “MY TRUE SELF” – Odeonsplatz Subway 900ish to 1200

Munich Artists will be meeting at the Odeonsplatz Subway to film our “My True Self” masks in motion on the escalators. The video created from the footage will be shown at the LNdM in October 2016 along with some of the masks.   If you didn’t create a mask, you can wear mine since I will be busy filming most of the time.  The more people the merrier. Literally you will go up and down the escalators so there isn’t too much that you have to do but stand and hold a mask over your face.

If you do decide to stop by, please wear black or dark blue clothing or I can’t include your footage in the shoot.  We start meeting from 900 to 100 and filming ends at the latest 1200 because I’m taking a class at the platform and have to run across town.


The Platform is having an academy where experts teach artists things like crowdfunding and how to finance their artsy projects. Here are future workshops you may want to attend. (All the courses are taught in German so if your German isn’t strong enough, send your artsy friend whose German is better.)

  • Seminar 3   Crowdfunding (Referentin: Alka Celic. Ganztageskurs: Sonntag, 10. Juli, 10  → 18 Uhr) SOLD OUT
  • Seminar 4   Kunst- und Kulturfinanzierung – Fundraising, Sponsoring, strategische Kooperationen Grundlagen (Referentin: Barbara Mei Chun Müller. Ganztageskurs: Samstag, 16. Juli, 9  → 17 Uhr)
  • Seminar 5     Kunst- und Kulturfinanzierung – Fundraising, Sponsoring, strategische Kooperationen  Umsetzung (Referentin: Barbara Mei Chun Müller. Ganztageskurs: Sonntag, 17. Juli, 9 → 17  Uhr)
  •  OR call them at 0049.89.3249009-14




The underground filmfest will be having an outdoor screening. If you are interested in going and having a place to sit,  please RSVP at   The screening starts at 1930 and goes until 2200 at Dal Cavaliere @ weissenburgerstrasse 3, 81667 Munich, Germany (This is their first outdoor event.  Pray for beautiful weather.)


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