Balloons Through Munich and Recap of Fill the Void


Yes I am on a staycation from Munich Artists website but that doesn’t mean that I’m on a staycation from art.  This Hiatus meant that I kind of dropped the ball regarding my own art project. Sorry about that. I thought I told you we were going to play with balloons and drink beer but somewhere along the way I did not get this information on the website.

Fill the Void 

On Tuesday August 30th,  I filled the void at Lueckenfuelle with balloons.  We intended to have 1k balloons but  we had a mishap with one our helium gas tanks so I ended up with 500 balloons at the corner of Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmanstrasse which looked cool but was not exactly what I imagined.  Welcome to the realities of being an artist.

Neighbours stopped by all day and asked what I was doing. I enjoyed meeting the people of this neighbourhood and will plan something for the park across the street in 2017 because this neighbourhood loves artsy things happening around them.

Balloons through Munich

I went back yesterday (August 31st) to pick up my dead balloons and found that 100 or so of the balloons were still in the space and not dead so I started gathering them and realised they would not fit in my car.


I thought about deflating them and then decided to walk to Frauenstrasse 18 with a large bouquet of balloons.

As I started down the street, there was a woman behind me so I tried to get out of her way and she said she loved walking behind so many balloons –  it reminded her of her childhood.   I liked that she was visiting a childhood memory and we exchanged a happy moment with Fill the Void balloons.

Next, I walked down the street and remembered the ring sculpture and decided it needed some company so the balloons and I walked over and I took a shot of the two art pieces together.  When I looked through the camera lens, I realised we had created the letter Q .

I can make a Q out of you.  Photo by Emmy Horstkamp Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Walking past the ring, I saw this salt/sand dispenser and decided we needed a balloon dispenser for emergency purposes.

Emergency Balloons – Sprinkle on any blue day to avoid an emotional meltdown. Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

We continued through Munich and walked through Karlsplatz and down the shopping street resting for a moment on this bench.

Taking a rest downtown and filling a bench.   Raw photo by Emmy Horstkamp

Heading behind Frauenkirche, we did a bit of window shopping checking out the new dirndls for Oktoberfest and the Holiday season.

“We may be too round for you.” Thought the balloon Bouquet.  Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp
Maybe we need to be more green?  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We visited Marienhof because I wanted the balloons to interact with the public art piece located in the Hof.  The piece is land art and right now is full of wild flowers so you can’t really see the big holes in the ground.  Here the balloons are trying to fill one of the holes.

This is art Munich!  Filling a land art piece at Marienhof.   Raw Photo by that head at the bottom of the image.

I saw this man writing on a chair and bothered him. I have a few more photos of him but I liked this one because of the shadows.  The man was trying to have some quiet time and I think balloons are good company for quiet contemplation (maybe not Emmy and the balloons but he was tolerant of my shooting photos around him.)

Keeping a solitary man company.  He was not amused.  photograph by Emmy Horstkamp

We reached Frauenstrasse 18  a few balloons short (I gave them to anyone who asked for a balloon.)   Now Frauenstrasse 18  is filled with balloons.

Balloons can’t wait to get home.  Frauenstrasse 18

The Future of  Fill the Void Balloons – We walk more balloons on November 5, 2016

I really enjoyed the balloon walk and since I have more balloons, we will be doing another Balloon walk on November 5th, 2016.

We will have teams of artists blowing up balloons and taking their balloons for a walk and then meeting at the KloHaeusen for a party with all of our balloons.   I want you all to know how much fun it is to walk through the city and interact with Mingas. They really do love balloons.

The 5th of November is the opening of the KloHaeusen Spa installation and since it is an interactive installation by appointment, the 5th is just a party to celebrate the start of the installation and could use happy artists with bunches of balloons.

I want you to see the installation space, enjoy a balloon walk through Munich and sign up for one of the installation appointments (if you are in Munich and want to have a paraffin wax mask treatment.)

If you want to be one of the teams walking from Frauenstrasse 18 to the KloHaeusen, please let me know.  The event is open to everyone.   The groups will walk with balloons and will have to help blow up the balloons they will be carrying.  I will provide the materials and you are welcome to donate to the costs if you want.

You must be open to interacting with Munich and the people in Munich you pass by on the way to Sendling.

The balloons will be blue and white balloons (Munich Colours.)

I will post this information again on its own post and on my website and I will send out a notice to artists on my Munich Artists Newsletter.   My email is  and if you want to subscribe to the newsletter for Munich Artists, here is the link.

Do you think we can gather a  group together on Saturday around 1400?  The installation opens at 1800.  The balloons take 1 to 2 hours to inflate.  A walk to Sendling takes 40minutes.  So I think we start around 1300 and then walk to the installation space, have a drink and play with hundreds of balloons in Sendling.


2 Replies to “Balloons Through Munich and Recap of Fill the Void”

  1. Emmy Ann, you are just GREAT !!!! lovely fotos enjoyed coming to fill the void :-)) have noted the next event 5th Nov. 13:00 hours at Frauenstr. 18 of walking with the” fill the void” balloons to the” Klohhäuschen” Munich. :-)) best regards Brigitte from Neufahrn by Freising


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