Do You Want to Be Happy? Kickstarter Video #3 – Lucky Lions

My daughter Anna and I went out and made this video for you.  She’s an artist and  I try and show her as much as possible through Munich Artists how artists can collaborate, work together and support each other.  She is supporting Munich Artists by participating in this video.

I think that every parent must help their child by supporting their passions and helping them be prepared for the “real world.”

When your daughter or son is an artist, this preparation includes not only the development of artistic skills but the basic understanding of marketing, sales, production and one’s own skill set and limitations.  Not everyone is good at sales. Not everyone is good at bookkeeping.  Not everyone is good at cleaning their studio. But, the basics skills can be taught and with practice, those skills will be strong enough to make the artist child a productive and independent artist adult.

My daughter (one her own) has begun to sell her drawings.  She asks me questions when she wants advice.  I don’t get involved unless I see she needs some assistance.  She is wading into the art world and I want to make sure she sees productive, collaborative adult artists working together  (even when things are not so easy.)

Each one of us has our own path to follow when it comes to art.  The Munich Artists Playing Cards are a way of celebrating our artistic diversity and symbolically showing that our art may be totally different from one another but that together we all fit snuggly into the Munich art scene.

Please Support our Kickstarter.

The different Backing options in German are on the website right here.

PS: Our 500 Artists Play Cards event will be on October 16th. You need to purchase a set of Party Cards. The easiest way to do this is through the Munich Artists Kickstarter.


cover photo by Nino

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