Munich Artists at Kunst in Sendling October 7, 8 & 9 2016

The above Munich artists will be sharing their art with the public during Kunst in Sendling Open Studios. If you are in Sendling this weekend, please stop by the Kontourhaus and say hello to Emmy Horstkamp (me), Janine Voelkner and Berit Opelt.


  • Address: Kontorhaus 2 , Kochelseestrasse, Betriebsgelände Großmarkthalle
  • Time:  Friday 1900- 2200, Sat 1400-2200, Sunday 1400-1900

Group Exhibition at the Kontourhaus on Friday  07.10. from 19 – 22 Uhr. If you come to the group exhibition, you can decide from the artwork which studios you want to visit. There are 42 different locations, 76 artists and only three days!

Here is the exhibition space being used for the group exhibition at the Kontourhaus.

Kontourhaus 2 – location of Kunst in Sendling Group Exhibition


Below are a few more Munich Artists from Sendling who participated in our 500 Artists Say Hello Event.

 Oliver Rennen

Anni Rieck

Carla Llabega

Ulli Schmeling

Rob Anthony

Niko Jahn

Justyna Anthony


Das KloHaeuschen – is not officially a part of Kunst in Sendling Open Studios but it is so close you need only to walk around the corner to say hi to Anja Uhlig’s space and the guest artist  (Das KloHaeuschen project).

  • rasso rottenfusser – >biern i fori – abort 2/8.6-I<Opening:
    freitag, 07.10.2016 . 19:00 uhr

    gespräch beim frühschoppen
    dienstag, 11.10.2016 . 11:00 uhr



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