Phase II For Munich Artists Playing Cards – Let’s Go to Haeppy Art


We threw an official party for the Munich Artists Playing Cards yesterday at Einstein Kultur.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday and some very nice Munich Artists avoided the temptation to join Mother Nature and tromped down into the cellars of Einstein Kultur. (Who would believe we would have a summer day in the middle of October!)

I’m grateful that we had a sponsor for the cards and artists willing to come and build a sculpture using the clips created by Oliver Rennen.  I’m grateful that our two musicians played great music during the event and Elasse  did her magic (I will share her work once it shows up in my email.)

I’m grateful to the Einstein Kultur for letting us have the art happening in their space and for V who took care of all our technical requirements (She gave us some really cool lights, handled the music and the video installation.)

Haeppy Art

This weekend our playing cards will be for sale at Haeppy Art.   I will be having a select number of posters of playing cards also for sale.  The other artists who will be showing their art at Haeppy art can be found on this blog post.

If you have the desire to own a pack of Party playing cards in a tin box is 18 Euro including tax.  here is what they look like with the box:



Don’t remember what the cards look like?  Here they are again:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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