Munich Stories Project Makes a Book

The idea was to take visual artists and match them up with a writer to create stories for a month.  This idea was brought to Munich Artists by Masha Baur who created a similar collaborative art project with a friend in Canada.

Screenshot 2016-10-21 08.53.43.jpg
artwork by Masha Baur for Munich Stories 2016 – Contrabass

I asked Masha if we could adopt the idea as a Munich Artists idea and she said yes so, in August, I invited artists and writers to join up as teams to create 8 stories over four weeks and called the project Munich Stories.(September 12 – October 16, 2016.)

For 2016, I invited writers I knew and I asked them to invite another writer.   I allowed the writers to pick the artist they wanted to work with and if they had no clue, I paired them with a Munich artist.

Each week the artists picked a prompt from a list and were allowed to pick topics off the list if both artists agreed to work on them. 2 topics were chosen each week.  The topics provided to the artists were:

empty spaces
coffee addiction
to swim/swimming
to fly
to create
difficult conversations
reading books
stupid headlines
time travel
traffic lights (svetofor) = Ampel
(spider) web

Each artist worked with one topic for three days and on Wed, they switched giving their writing/art piece to their partner to work with for the rest of the week.  We did this so that the artwork and writing would be influenced by each other and to offer a challenge to both the writer and the visual artist.

Munich Artists has a book launch planned at the Munich Readery for November 12, 2016.   The artists will talk about working with the writers and the challenges they faced illustrating stories. The writers will read a story or part of a story during the evening.

Munich Stories 2016 Artist Jaqueline cuts

Participating Creatives for 2016

Petra Winter (Writer)  & Natalia Zurakowska (Visual Artist)

Diana Radovan ( Writer) & Pung  Worathiti Manosroi (Visual Artist)

Nina Rye (Writer) &  Masha Baur (Visual Artist)

Steve Toase (Writer) & Hazel Ang (Visual Artist)

Sabine Magnet (Writer) & Jaqueline cuts (Visual Artist)

Lynn Hardaker (Writer) & Elizabeth Hughes (Visual Artist)

The artists come from all over the world.  The book is called Munich Stories because the project is based in Munich and the writers have ties to the city or someone in the city.  I’m (Emmy Horstkamp ) the organizer, editor, and backend creative for this book project and I’m very excited that the experiment worked.

Our tiny Munich Artists team is currently editing the book and we will have a limited first edition of 100 copies for sale starting on November 12, 2016, at the Munich Readery and on

The Result of our Experiment

We enjoyed creating this project and will make Munich Stories an annual project.  For 2017, we would like to give the writers more time to write (two months one story a week.) and more time to edit (2 months instead of two weeks.) So the project will begin in July 2017 (writing July/August – Editing September/October -Launch November 2017.)

Munich Artists will invite one writer to write a novella for 2017 and ask their teammate to create the book cover.  The writer/Artist Pair will be announced in December 2016.

If you have any questions about this project, you can email   If you are an artist and want to participate in 2017, let me know.  We will be basing our selection of writers on nominations from our 2016 writers and the writers will select their artist to work with on this project.

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