What’s Up with Munich Artists? October/November 2016 Update

Hello Munich Artists!  Here is a snazzy little update to let you know what we are doing and where we are going in bullet points.

  • GOODBYE FB group.   Most of you did not even notice.  We still have the Munich Artists Page and  Munich Artists Art Challenge group which is a safe space for artists to post artwork associated with our art challenges. We are making small facebook groups for our different projects and created a group for Munich Stories.  The groups are for artists to share information with each other about the project and that might be useful to the other artists in relation to the project.  We no longer will have a large group page because you guys were not using it and I found that you were not getting my announcements and that was the whole point to begin with.
  • NEWSLETTER FOR MUNICH ARTISTS NEWS –  If you want to get news about the projects listed below, please subscribe to our newsletter for art projects and collaborations.
  • ARTIST EVENTS – If you want your event added to our event list on the Facebook page, you must share with us your PUBLIC event.  If you do not make the event public, we cannot put it on our FB page.  If you send me an email with your event, I will not put it on the website or on the event page and I most likely will not show up cause I’m not a fan of exhibitions even though I love you all very much and will visit your messy studios instead when I have time to take a breath and a cup of coffee.
  • COLLABORATIONS – I’m super duper busy right now with personal art projects like the Klohaeuschen Spa and with Munich Artists art projects.  If you want to collaborate and it fits with what I’m planning for 2017, I’m happy to talk with you.  We launch our first book on November 12, 2016 and will continue to launch products through 2017.  We will announce our Munich Artists products on the website when they launch and will sell them on Amazon and our Trefubox.co store.
  • WINDOW AT ODEONSPLATZ –  We have come to an agreement with the artist in charge of the window at Odeonsplatz so that it will be an installation/exhibition space 12 months a year.   All work in the space is curated by Myra and Myself depending on the month.  When I have the window space, it is installations.  When Myra has the space it will be either an installation or an exhibition. Very excited about this!!  We will be smacking a Munich Artists Sign on the window starting in January 2017.
  • Munich Artists Brand Comes First – If you visited us at Haeppy art,  you will have noticed that I had a personal booth and devoted 99 percent of the space to Munich Artists.   I  did this because Munich Artists comes first.  It comes first and it comes before you and before me and before anything else.    This means that I will only talk about Munich Artists brand when I have to choose between an artist and the brand.  When the opportunity comes around that I can talk about both, I will (As we did with Alexandra Ritter in the upcoming MUCBOOK magazine November 2016 issue.)   I love the artists I meet in Munich but Munich Artists brand allows us to do cool things so it is important that we promote it whenever possible and build the name recognition past the 500 Artists that know me to the 1.5 million people who live in Munich, Germany.  Your help is greatly appreciated by sharing Munich Artists posts on Facebook.
  •  YOUR CREATIVITY IS A PRIORITY.  We have a list of events for 2017 that offer you opportunities to create art and interact with other Munich Artists. Those events are:
    • 500 Artists Draw Lines – January 2017 – This is a two-day event where we will be creating a large abstract collage (200sqm)on day 1 and then on day 2 we will be contour drawing around the edges of the abstracted shapes.  When we are done, we will cut up the art piece into pieces and distribute them to the artists participating. (Cost = materials)  I will be posting details in November 2016.
    • 500 Artists Say Hello March/April 2017 – This will be a one month exhibition of a cube sculpture where artists will submit a cube and we will make a sculpture out of their cubes.  (Cost = materials)  There will be a look book associated with this exhbition.  I will be posting the details in December 2016.
    • 500 Artists Under Cover  July 2017 – This will begin in April 2017.   Artists will be asked to work in groups of four (4) to create an art piece on an umbrella. The umbrellas will be printed and we will have a gathering under the umbrellas on July 1, 2017 and taking aerial photographs of the umbrellas.  We will select umbrellas designed by the artists to be in our trefubox store.
    • 500  Artists Tell Stories  October/November 2017 – we are publishing our first short story collection in 2016 called Munich Stories.  Next year, we want to expand this so that artists can share their work with people who love books.

I have a few more ideas but have to see if we can find the space for them and if I have time.  If you have project management experience and want to help with a project, you can let me know.  As you can tell from Munich Artists Play Cards and Munich Stories, I don’t mind sharing the workload, the credit, and the profits.  Just as long as you don’t mind the project being considered a Munich Artists project, things should work out hunky dory.

PS.  Frauenstrasse is currently a mess but in a week it will be the Trefubox.co store which will be open on Fridays from 1000 to 1600 through November and Friday/Saturday 1300 to 1800.  From December 3rd – December 23, 2016    If you want to put a product in our store for the holiday season, please let me know.  I will only be selling artsy products.  If you need more information, please email emmy@kyfio.com     Do not bring me original art pieces unless I specifically request it from you.




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