Munich Artists Art Swap for Charity December 11, 2016

NOTE:  This is postponed.  I have not received enough interest so will not be spending time this year working on this.  If artists are interested, please let me know and we can do this as a group for 2017.

I thought maybe this photo would catch your attention.

Munich Artists would like to do an art Swap (Kunst Tausch) for 2017.   We did this our first year in existence and would like to do it again but a tiny bit different.

Cost: 50 Euro (40 Euro goes to Doctors without Borders and 10 Euros goes to Munich Artists for organizing.

Location for Art Drop Off – Munich Artists Frauenstrasse 18,80469

Deadline for Dropoff:  November 27, 2016

Art Swap: December 11 from  1300 to 1500. I will ask on Facebook today and then update the date by tomorrow.


  • You will give Munich Artists 50 Euro plus a piece of artwork. Cash only for this event.
  • You will come to Frauenstrasse 18, 2016  and pick up an envelope that tells you which artwork you have received.
  • You get one chance to switch envelopes before getting your art piece. This means you can peek in the envelope and then try again if it is something you already have or you don’t like (not a photo fan, not a digital fan, not a sculpture fan, not a collage fan.. whatever.)
  • You can try to get another artist to give you the work they got as a present.  This did not work so well the first time, but you can try.
  • You take your new artwork home and I transfer the donations to Doctors without Borders and post the receipt on the website.
  • You do not get a receipt for your donation so you can’t deduct it from your taxes. If you have a problem with this, please do not participate.
  • You can stay longer than 1300 to 1500. We are meeting in the courtyard of Frauenstrasse 18 so bundle up.  You can bring food and I will have something warm for you to drink and we will have fun saying goodbye until 2017.
  • Please wrap the artwork as a gift.  I want this to feel like a HOLIDAY GIFT. I may even decorate a tiny tree or you can bring a decoration to share on a tiny tree.
  • If you want to donate your work that is already at my Studio, you still need to wrap it and give me 50 Euro.



If you give 60 Euro, you can participate in the swap and have a deck of Munich Artists Playing cards to give as a Christmas present to your artsy friends.  You will get a receipt for 15 Euro for the cards because Holger is keep




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