Open Call: ARTMUC 2017

I got an email from Iva with the open call for 2017.  If you don’t know ARTMUC Art Fair, Here and Here are posts we did from the last few years. This is the 4th year of this fair and it is morphing into two.

In 2017, ArtMUC will have an event in the fall and one in the spring so you can show twice as much artwork and amaze Munich with your creative talent.   



Ausstellung Do, 25.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Fr., 26.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Sa., 27.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

So., 28.Mai 2017 12 Uhr bis 18 Uhr


Ausstellung Do, 19.Oktober 2017 18 Uhr bis 22 Uhr (Vernissage) Fr., 20. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

Sa., 21. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 20 Uhr

So., 22. Oktober 2017 12 Uhr bis 18 Uhr


Start: 01. November 2016 / Ends: 31. January 2017 at 12 Uhr / The ARTMUC team will let you know on  16. February 2017  whether you get to show at the ARTMUCs. Here is the application process.

If you have questions about ArtMUC art fair, please ask Iva Vasileva or Raiko Schwalbe. They are the organizers.  If you want to apply, use the link above. If you want to talk to Iva, use the information below.

Good luck to everyone submitting their applications.

For 2017,  I will be visiting the spring fair but will miss the fall version because we are publishing books and I will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair promoting Munich Artists and Munich Stories.


If you have an art project and you have an open call for artists, you can send it to me. I will make a post like this for your open call and if you are in Munich, we can meet to talk about your idea.

I don’t care where your project is as long as Munich Artists can participate.  I will share information as long as the dates of your project don’t conflict with Munich Artists projects Symbiotic projects are encouraged.  The more the merrier because I want Munich to have an art scene that people can SEE!

If you have an art group and want to do something bigger I’m open to working with you as long as it does not conflict with what I’m doing and you don’t mind it becoming a Munich Artists project because that is what will happen.   We work fast and look for results.  We do not do things by committee. If you as a group have something you want to develop, you must have the completed idea ready and have one person with the ability to speak for the group so that we can move like lighting!


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